Beginner Sewing Pocket Tote

I’m sharing my Triplet Tote over with my friend Christine at The DIY Dreamer. This is a fun one for beginner sewers because it’s hard to mess up. Plus you’ll have to see how fun and different the sides turn out!


I’ve really enjoyed making use of all my new and much needed pockets!

You’ve Made Me Blush + Babble 100


I’m blushing + dancing! You know why? Remember when I asked you to support me in getting the Babble 100 Best Bloggers 2013? Would you believe YOU got me there?

Thank you. Thank YOU! Gosh it felt like a sweaty marathon without all the leftover aches and pains. I certainly questioned myself when I asked for your help. I questioned whether I should bother you… whether I was good enough to be a ‘best blogger’… whether going for it was worth my time, and better yet, your time.

I believe the run is worth it because I feel your support. I feel like a team when blogging can often feel lonely.

Are you going for anything that you question whether it’s worth it? I say… give it a shot.


P.S. You can see the proof here + learn a few more things about me…. like what my dining room looks like + what I love most about DIY + what my favorite crafting tool is + the best thing I ever made.

DIY Headbands

DIY Headbands

I love headbands, and it seems that every occasion calls for one right? I’ve collected seven DIY headbands you can start making right.this.minute.

Need a last minute gift, girls’ night out accessory, a stylish addition to your workout, or something to make with fabric scraps? It appears you are in luck because these headband options are sure to fit the bill.

DIY T-shirt Headband

DIY Petite Bow Headband

DIY Fabric Headband

DIY Lace Headband

DIY Applique Headband

DIY St Patrick Glitter Headband

DIY Sweatband


DIY Pillow

Karen from I Always Pick the Thimble is here today making waves with her DIY pillow tutorial. I love the wave effect!

As a fabric store owner, I was thrilled when Amy Butler reissued one of her older fabric collections “Belle”.   My store was relatively new when Amy Butler’s fabrics first burst onto the scene.  It was fun to see our customer’s excitement and reactions when they first saw her fabrics.  Seeing the fabrics reissued again reminds me how much fun we had when the new bolts of fabrics arrived and how we fussed with arranging them “just-so” on the shelves.

For this pillow top I used pre-cut strips of fabrics from an Amy Butler “Belle” jelly roll, but it can be made with any strips of your favorite old (or new!) fabrics.  Stay tuned, because I’m working on a Memory Lane Apron and Memory Lane Market Tote as well!


  • 13 strips of 2 1/2″ x 22″ pieces of fabric (or you can use pre-cut strips from a fabric jelly roll)  to make a 21 ” x 21″ pillow top

  • 21″ x 21″ piece of fabric for back

  • 20″ x 20″ pillow form

  • thread

  • marking chalk or wash away fabric marking pen

  • general sewing supplies (scissors, pins, tape measure etc.)


Pillow Front Instructions:

First lay out the strips in the order you want to sew them.  Stack them in a neat pile, so you are ready to sew with them.

With right sides together, sew all long sides of the strips together using a 1/4″ seam.
On the back side, press all the seams flat in one direction.

5759 seam one


Using a 1/4″ seam, sew seams with wrong sides of fabric together, encasing the original seam. When folding the fabric together, try and keep the just sewn seam centered in the middle of the fold.

Starting in center of pillow, mark a vertical line from top to bottom. Mark 4 more lines on either side of the center line at 2″ apart.

5765 mark seam 2 inches

Pin – Starting with the first strip, find the middle line just made and pin the first seam in the middle facing down. Pin the seam to the left and the seam to the right facing up, then alternate pinning the rest of the seams up and down to create a “wave.”

On the next strip, alternate the direction you pinned to create a “wave” and continue pinning the rest of the seams.  On the side seams, pin in the same direction as the nearest vertical seam.
Sew across all layers and seams following the vertical lines.

5772 wavy seam

Pillow Back Instructions:

The edges of the pillow top may be slightly uneven after sewing the strips together. Cut off the uneven edges and cut the pillow top and pillow back so they are 21″ x 21″.  (Or as close to this measurement as you can get.)
Pin together front to back with right sides together. Using 1/2″ seam, sew around 3 edges. On the fourth side, leave a 10″ opening to insert the pillow form. Insert the pillow and hand stitch the opening closed.

 DIY Pillow 2

And there you have a brand new throw pillow!

You can find Karen Roark blogging at I Always Pick the Thimble and Facebook.

DIY Santa Beard

DIY Santa Beard

Hello, readers of Craft Snob! I’m Onel from Onelmon: Crafting Experiments where I share craft tutorials that I’ve experimented on. With Christmas approaching very soon, I’m sharing this easy Santa Claus’ craft today! We are not going to make the hat, we are not going to make the costume, but we ARE going to make his beard! It’s super easy and it’s a great sewing exercise for a sewing beginner (like me!) Let’s get started!


  • White felt or another fabric type of your choice
  • Filling (cotton, polyfill)
  • Washable marker
  • Elastic cord
  • Needle & white thread
  • Scissors



1. Measure the length, from your left ear to your right ear and add approx. 3 cm extra to each side.


2. Draw a triangle on your fabric. The length of the horizontal line equals the length you measured just now (including the 3 cm extra on both sides). As for the height of the triangle, it depends on how long you want the beard to be (mine was about 15 cm long). The size of the inner triangle would be measured from your upper lip to the jaw.


3. Cut a circle and trace it along the triangle to have the cloud-like fluffy shape.


4. Do it for the whole triangle, both big and small triangles.


5. Cut out the shape. Make another exact copy of it.


6. Mark where your ears go on the fabric and cut a line.


7. Sandwich some filling in between the two pieces of fabric and sew them up together.


8. Sew a piece of elastic cord behind so it won’t fall easily.

DIY Santa Beard

9. Wear it and be a Santa on Christmas Day!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this tutorial! You can visit my blog or facebook page for more simple craft tutorials. Thank’s a lot for having me here today, Sara! Have a great day ahead!

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