Craft Bins

I am so excited about my new craft space.  I don't have to use the kitchen table anymore…are you with me?  I might add that Mr. Wonderful (my husband) built the shelves just for me.  When I was setting up I looked for storage bins to organize my supplies.  I came upon these bins and they were the perfect size.  But when I put them on the shelf they were just blah.  I don't know about you, but blah does not exactly inspire me.

So I cut some fabric and wrapped it around each bin, hot gluing to hold in place.  I used brown bias tape for the flower stem because it has clean edges.  Then I made green fabric flowers cut out of an old shirt and glued them to finish.  Now I feel inspired to create more!

How about you…Do you have a craft space? Is it the kitchen table? What inspires you?

Go and be pretty,

  1. Hi there!!  Love this one and it looks very organized and stylish!  

  2. I love this idea! I just came across your blog and am enjoying all your projects. Currently my craft room is our bonus room, but it's sooooo uninspiring because it started out as a hodge podge room and has never really changed. I have grand plans for it and your bin idea will be a part :)

  3. My craft space is either the kitchen table, or I have a small white table in my bedroom, that is also great for tutorial pictures, since it is clean white. I'd like to clear off my desk and make it my craft space maybe.

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