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Make a Bracelet

Making jewelry was my first craft obsession, with sewing following closely. I've got mad jewelry skills that I'll share in later posts. So stick around…

I like the simpleness of this bracelet, and I LOVE the shimmer, metallic material.

This bracelet is for a 6 inch wrist, so you may need to vary the lengths to accommodate smaller or larger sizes.

I found this 4mm trimming material on a roll in the ribbon section of Hobby Lobby (praise God for Hobby Lobby!). You will need to cut 4 strands 6 inches long. The end clamps are 19mm wide by 5mm tall and can be found in the jewelry making section of craft stores.

Line up the four strands.

Insert the strands into one of the clamps. Using pliers, squeeze the clamp as tight as you can. Do this for both ends of the cords.

Add a few jump rings and a toggle and you are good to go.

So easy. So quick. So fun!

The Real Deal: It only cost me $2.00 to make this bracelet.

Go and be pretty,

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  1. how easy & nice..very cute…decent…

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