Leather Cuff

I don’t usually wear bracelets or cuffs.  But when I do, I like them to be big and bold.  Can black be bold?

I started with a plain one inch wide brass cuff.  Cut a piece of leather 2 inches wide by 8 inches long.

Tack the leather in place by putting a small amount of glue on the ends of the cuff.   Only use a small amount because it will look bumpy under the leather.  Then, glue both sides of the leather to the underside of the cuff.

Fold the ends under, cut the corner of the leather off so it lays down easier and glue it.  Cut a piece of black felt one inch wide by 5 inches long.  Glue it to the underside of the cuff.  It should overlap the leather.

Break the loop on the back of the button off (I used pliers) and glue it to the top center of the cuff.

Lesson learned:  For this project I used hot glue because I wanted to finish in a hurry.  But, I recommend using E6000 adhesive over hot glue because it works better with metals. The leather tends to want to pull away from the metal cuff once the hot glue is dry.  E6000 is much stronger when dry.  The drawback to E6000 is you will have to use clothes pins to hold the leather in place until it dries.

The real deal:  This cuff cost me $7 to make.

What about you?  Do you like to wear bracelets or cuffs?

Go and be pretty,

  1. I was wondering where you buy the brass cuffs from?  Awesome DIY! Love it!

  2. Also was wondeing wher to buy te cuffs.
    ♥ the cuff!

  3. I made cuffs several years ago.  I was able to locate and purchase "cuff blanks' which come with a tool to easily bend the metal into the cuff shape.  I think I bought it on Ebay at the time.  They were 1" wide.  Hope that helps. 

  4. were do i get the cuff templates from i need them im making my own?? x

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