Flower Appliquéd Headband

DIY Applique Headband

Ooh… wouldn’t this be great for a wedding accessory?  This shade of white is perfect for winter!

Start with an appliqué that you like and apply it to any color material (I used plain ‘ol cotton) as per the instructions on its package.  It requires an iron and a damp cloth.  No biggie.

Using scissors, trim the excess material along the appliqué border. Hot glue the appliqué on the headband. Cut out one or two pieces of felt and hot glue them to the back of the appliqué. The appliqué will hold to the headband better if you add felt to the back.

And that’s it!

The Real Deal:  It cost me $5 to make this.

Go and be pretty,

  1. all i ve looked is so nice…good job

  2. Aww thank you Elcin!

  3. I am all about this headband. You're right, this is perfect for a wedding. I am so going to try this, and will give all credit to you. And to think it's $5 and just about the same and actually cheaper than what you'd find in these teenage stores. I happened to stumble across your blog when I was trying to upload my own picture from my blog. Glad I did.

  4. Love this! So pretty, need to try it out :)
    Where did you get that applique? Would LOVE to know, it's perfect for something for my wedding.

  5. Love this! where can you find an appliqué? I'm a crafting newb. =)

  6. Great idea! So simple and elegant!

  7. this is so cute.  i may make one tomorrow.

  8. I love this! And would love to do it for my wedding! Where did you get the appliqué?

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