Another lovely flower…

Cut circles out of felt with the following sizes: 5 – 1.5 inches in diameter, 6 – 1 inch in diameter.

Lay a 1.5 inch diameter piece of felt down for the flower backing. For the next 4 pieces, fold in half 2 times and hot glue to the backing piece.

Do the same for 5 of the one inch diameter circles. Fold the last one in half 2 times and hot glue with the point facing down. 

Easy and cute right?

The Real Deal: It only cost me $0.20 to make one flower. 

Go and be pretty,

  1. Don't you love it when you make something fabulous for next to nothing?!  I love felt flower….this is beautiful!

  2. I love your flower tutorials!  I teach a class with girls ages 8-11 yrs. and we'll have to try these out!!!

  3. Where do you get nice quality felt?  I love all of your tutorials.

  4. I have always wanted to make one like this, but with the dark fabric is hard to see the steps. Could you do it with a lighter color?

    • Thanks for the suggestion Lindsay. I will try to get to it.

  5. These flowers are so cute. I just made some out of cotton fabric for a wreath and it worked just as well. Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Thanks for the tutorials!  I made some miniature flowers to make barrettes for my friend's little girl.  Do you mind if I post it on Pinterest with a link back to your site?

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