Make a Mini Leather Wallet

Have you ever gotten caught up in a project that takes forever because you have this great idea of what it will look like in the end?  But sometimes, after all that time and effort it turns out like crap.  You know what I mean? After something like that I need a little bit of cheering up. So, I throw together a quick craft in hopes of turning out something pretty (which makes me feel good) with almost immediate satisfaction. Well, if it turns out lookin' ugly too, at least I didn't invest much time into it. Which brings me to this wallet. No, this is not the long project that disappointed me, but the quick project that lifted me up after the fact. 

Wouldn't it make a great homemade gift for dad or brother? By the way, I used leather from an old chewed up purse of mine. 

OK. Start with three pieces of leather. The sizes are: 2.75"x7", 2.75"x4", 2.75"x1/4". Just to check measurements, lay the medium and small sizes right side up on the large size, which is right side down.

Although it's hard to see in picture 3, sew a line across the smallest piece for detail purposes only. Set it aside and sew the medium and large pieces together on 3 sides. 

Trim the excess leather around the edges. Place the small piece about 1.5" from the top of the medium piece and sew along the sides. Taper the top of the large piece so it can fold and fit through the small piece. 

For decoration only, sew a line along the edge of the top of the large piece to finish. 

I hope this project cheers you up like it did me. Do you ever get bogged down by crafts that don't turn out right?

The Real Deal: It cost me $0.00 to make this since I used material from an old purse. But, if you had to purchase the material it would probably cost less than $2.00.

Go and be pretty,

  1. superb tutorial…thanks for sharing

  2. So cool!! I need one for myself  –  off to find some leather scraps :)
    Did you use a heavier need (i.e., a jeans needle) on your machine?  or will a regular needle do?

    • Thanks, Nicole! I did use a regular needle without any problems. But, I think the wiser thing would be to use a heavier needle. I tend to be lazy about changing my needles out.

  3. Great tute!  Thanks for sharing … I'll be linking.

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