Make a Tutu

Once again, Lily is my guinea pig, but a pretty one.  You won't believe how easy it is to make a tutu. There is no sewing required. 

Start with a 6 inch roll of tulle.  You could buy tulle by the yard, but I prefer the roll since it is already the width I need.  No need to cut more if I don't have to!  Cut a 50 inch long piece of tulle to tie all the other pieces onto (this main piece will be the one that ties around the waist).  Tie knots about 1/4 of the way from each end to keep the other pieces from sliding off.   Cut about 40 – 28 inch long pieces of tulle.  For each 28 inch length of tulle, fold in half over top of the main piece.  Send the two ends of the 28 inch length piece around the main piece and back through the loop.  Pull it tight to create a knot about the main piece.  Do this for the remaining 28 inch length pieces.  To wear, just tie the remaining ends of the main piece in a bow around her waist.

Crazy easy right?  I know it might seem like a lot of work, but it's really not.  

These measurements ended up being too big for my one year old daughter. But she is tiny by average standards.  Instead of using a 28 inch length, I would shorten the tutu to about 20 inches. 

The Real Deal:  It only cost me $2.00 to make this tutu.

Do you dress up your daughter to satisfy yourself?  Or am I the only one?

Go and be pretty,

  1. A great variation to this is to use a thin elastic headband (~ 1/2 in wide) instead of the 50 inch length of tulle to create the waistband of the tutu. This allows the child to get it on and off by herself. I’ve made them for both my nieces and they love them.

    • Thanks Megan for the tip! I wanted to offer a no sew tutorial for those that don’t sew. Another option would be to use very thin elastic and tie a knot.

  2. This is adorable!!  I think I'll be making my daughter a number of these!

  3. Nice & easy tutu tutorial!  I look forward to making this for my little 13 month old.  Fun to have a variety of tutus in lots of different colors.

  4. This is cute. I think I'm gonna make some of these for my daughters next birthday party. Of course, it will be a princess party.

  5. I've used ribbon, but never thought to just use another piece of tulle as the waist – thanks for the idea!

  6. I have three precious nieces who would fight over this like it was nobodies business!  What a great tutorial as well!

  7. I am pretty sure my baby needs one of these, or two or three…

  8. Your little one looks like she's really enjoying the tutu. I'm hoping my baby girl will be able to enjoy one also. Thanks for all the tutorials. I just found your blog and now I have a new list of things to try.

  9. benim 3.5 aylık bir kızım var adı kübra …onun için mutlaka bir tutu yapmalıyım.çünkü çok hoÅŸuma gidiyor…kızıma da çok yakışacak…türkiyeden sevgiler:)

  10. Can you size these up to larger girls, my daughter is 10 years old and she love play dress up still.

    • Hi Andrea,
      Keep the 50 inch piece the same. Increase the 40 – 28 inch tulle pieces to 50 – 40 inch tulle pieces.

  11. Hi, I'm 11…I was wondering if you could do a different size? Please reply, thanks.

  12. Where do u get ur products iv found one roll for 3.99 and up I just bought 3″for .75 and some small ribbon 1/4 will this work for a tutu or not thanks

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