Isn't this flower lovely?  I've added them to hair clips, brooches, headbands, and well… everything else.

Start with a 1.5 inch felt circle cut out and 8 singed pieces of fabric.  4 circles are 1 inch in diameter and 4 are 2 inches in diameter.  I'm not sure what kind of fabric this is… found it in the scrap container in the clearance section of a fabric store.  Great place to look for projects like this by the way.

Fold each circle in half two times.  Starting with the larger cut outs, hot glue each one to the felt. 

Once you are finished gluing the cutouts, glue a button to the center.  Doesn't this make you want to smile?  

The Real Deal:  It cost me less than $1.50 to make this flower. 

Go and be pretty,



  1. These are darling!!! How do you secure them to a headband? Hotglue? Or do you use more felt and hotglue?

  2. I love the blue flower! Thanks for sharing the how-to.

  3. LOVE these–they are addicting and so easy to make!  Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I made this flower tonight and it turned out just gorgeous. Now I have a new hair accessory!

  5. i love this!!! did you do anything to the end of the circles? or just cut? 

  6. This is so cute! I made one of these this morning and I'm now addicted!!!
    I'm featuring it on my blog today.

  7. How cute!  I saw this on Ashley's Craft Corner and had to come check it out.  Great combo of the folded felt flowers and singed poppy-style ones!

  8. Neat idea! The kind of fabric shouldn’t matter much, as long as it’s synthetic (man-made). Any natural fiber like cotton, wool or silk usually just burns quickly… It won’t melt and make the edges curl up slightly, like on your photos.

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