It's been pouring rain, which I love.  Do you like thunder storms?  Since I'm in a chipper mood I want to make something bright.  This perfect little pom pom flower will quench my need. Why don't you join me…

Start with a circular piece of felt about 1.75 inches in diameter and a 12 inch by 1.5 inch strip of felt. Fold the strip in half and glue along the long edge.  Cut one side multiple times along the entire length.  Hot glue the start of the strip onto the outer edge of the circle piece. 

When you finish the first round, cut the strip and start another round.  Keep doing this until you run out. 

Ain't she a beauty?  Wouldn't it make a popping addition to your outfit on any day, much less a rainy one?

The Real Deal:  It costs about $0.25 per flower.

Do indulge me by sending me pictures of your crafts made from my tutorials.  I can't wait to see them!

Go and be pretty,

  1. those are beautiful thanks for the tutorial

  2. sweeeet! can't wait to get supplies and make some of these.  thanks for sharing :)

  3. Gorgeous and simple!  I think I will make one soon!

  4. ooooo- I am thinking this will be super easy project for my daughters bday party, for kids to take home! YEAH! so glad ucreate featured your blog!

  5. Love this one! Sharing this with my MMOPS group tommorow! Love how quick and easy this one is and such a cute fun result!

  6. What kind of glue do you use? I tried this because it looked adorable, but I had a lot of trouble with gluing felt!

    • Jennifer – I used hot glue. I did have to wait for it to dry before moving on to the next layer. Fortunately, hot glue dries quickly. Hope this helps.

  7. You are so creative.  I would love these for my little girls.

  8. These are so cute!  Hoping I win them but will try my hand at making my own regardless.

  9. I'm looking forward to using these as gift bows & hair bows & shirt bows &….

  10. This would be a great addition to my daughters collection of bows for her hair.

  11. Those are adorable!  I'm going to have to make some!  Thanks!

  12. haven't had a chance to make these but would love to win them!

  13. I love this idea!
    I would add it to the top of my must have list.

  14. I LOVE these – so bright and cute. I am bookmarking this and plan to make a spring wreath full of these adorable flowers!

  15. I've already bookmarked all your flowers. I just love them! I plan on making quite a few of them this week. Now, just to decide which ones to start with! Thanks for the tutorials for them!

  16. Those are so darling…one of these days I will attempt to make them.

  17. I would love to have some of these for my niece! So adorable! Please enter me to win!

  18. So cute!  I'd love to decorate with these!

  19. Oh how fun.  My daugher would be in heaven.  She is such a craft snob heself! 

  20. These are so fun!  I think they'd look great on a headband or a sweater pin.  So many possibilities!

  21. Love Love Love these, I tried to make one and it doenst look near as good as yours:)

  22. I love the bright colors and the fun texture of these!  I'd love to win them in the snob drop!

  23. I love the bright colors, so FUN!

  24. Hey i really love these wonderful colors..cute

  25. These are super fun!!  My five year old LOVES these!!  She is a bit of a "tutu tomboy" i call it!  She loves the soccer shorts with the fun hair bows style!! 

  26. These are too cute!   great Tutorials!   I hope I win one!

  27. I wish I could be this creative. These are wonderfully cute.

  28. I recently discovered your blog and I absolutely LOOOOOVE it! Seriously, I've felt like I wanted to make everything you've shown… but so far I've made these and I'm posting about it on my blog today if you want to take a look. I also linked to your tutorial here because I definitely had it in mind when I tried my hand at making them… thanks again for your awesome work! 

  29. THANK YOU!!! I am excited to win one of your amazing gifts.

  30. So I ended up trying these out.  http://mydailygiggle.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/days-30-31-pom-poms-galore/   I couldn't get the middle to look as good as yours, so I put a button in the center.  I still think it's adorable!  Thanks for the great tutorial!  BTW  any suggestions on alternatives to hot glue?  My fingers could really use a break from the burns…

    • Marissa,
      I am so glad you got to try out the tutorial. I LOVE purple! Regarding hot glue… the less you use the better. I only apply VERY SMALL amounts of hot glue, which equals far fewer burns. Or, you could take a break from making flowers… I said it would be addictive!

  31. Thank you for this great tutorial!  I've been wondering how these pretty flowers are made!

  32. Your flowers are awesome – I love them all!!  Do you think the Pomela would work with other (thick, stiff) fabrics?  I was thinking of giving it a try with some fleece I have on hand.

  33. Love your flowers and I am definetly going to try this!

  34. SO CUTE! and so easy! I just make a few! Expirmented with a printed fabric as well as felt…. 
    Thank you for the tutorial! Love your blog! 

  35. I made some too–thanks for the directions!
    Here's the link if you want to check them out (I love them!)

  36. Awesome Blossom!!!!!!

  37. I'm going to make these tomorrow! I went to Hobby Lobby to get the felt. They have 4 for $1! So I bought 8 colors for $2! I plan on using them on gifts! I matched up the felt to some wrapping paper I'll be using for some birthdays coming up. Thanks for the idea!

  38. Esta lindas flores me encantaron creo que se pueden probar en otra tela, gracias por la inspiracion


  39. I love them, they are really cute I did it a little different than yours but the result was amazing, I want it a little bigger than yours so  i use fleece instaed a 18 x 4 piece, folded in half and sew along, cut same as you did, I did use glue gun and star rolling and gluing  until I had the desire look for the flower then I glue the bottom part , I haven't finish yet I need to atach the headband, thank you so much for the tutorial I really enjoy doing this….. i have pics but not sure how to put the link

    • Noemy – You can add a link into a comment to your flickr account or wherever you have the picture posted. Would love to see what you made!

      • Sorry Sara I didn't response before, we moved and my pc still pack but hopefully I will get my pc unpack this weekend and get the pictures, thanks for the advise.

  40. These are gorgeous! love, love, love them!!
    Do you think they would cope with washing if they were attached to a tshirt?
    Deone :-)

    • Thanks Deone – I have washed clothes with felt decorations that I attached with a sewing machine. I’m not sure how the hot glue will hold up in the wash, so use a needle and thread to create the flowers in place of the glue.

  41. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial! I love your blog. These inspired me to make my own pom pom flowers :)

  42. Hey Sara ,
    They look fabulous. I didnt have hot glue so tried stitching and i have made a hair clip with this… I made a tutorial for this and i have mentioned about CRAFT SNOB there.
    Here is the link if you would like to see mine  http://craftlobby.blogspot.com/2012/01/fringed-felt-flower-clips.html

  43. Hi, I found your site through Google and I would like to thank you for this tutorial. Made mine with a crystal bead in the middle and shared it on my blog :-)

  44. OmGosh!!! These are EASY , and Beautiful, thx so much for this LOVELY tutorial…

  45. OMGosh !!! These are BEAUTIFUL….Thx do much for the lovely tutorial!!!

  46. I love these pom-pom flowers! I made two for my daughter to wear on headbands now and pig tails when she has more hair. I shared them on my blog and linked back to your tutorial. 

  47. Thank you so much!!!

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