Fabric Flower Shoe Clips

Make Your Own Shoe Accessories

Can I just state the obvious? These clips are SO cute! 

I've had these brown flats for about 5 years and was starting to get bored with them. Now I think I will be wearing them more often.  

Start with two small fabric flowers and two earring clips. Try to get the smallest clips you can find because they will be less likely to bug your foot when wearing them. These clips came with a rubber sticky pad. I removed it to adhere the flower with E6000 instead, which is far stronger.

And just like that you have new shoe clips to spice up an old pair of shoes. 

The Real Deal: It only cost me $0.50 to make these shoe clips.

Go and be pretty,

  1. Cute site!  Love your shoe clips – those brown shoes are AWESOME and the clips make them that much better. I'm so glad I found you on Craftgawker!

  2. SO Cute!  I love those shoes too.  I have about a billion pairs of black flats that need some dressing up.  I'll have to try this out.  Thank you for sharing!

  3. Would the clips stay on the shoes or they would come off????

  4. LOVE these!!! They make the shoes look even cuter and makes you feel like you have a new pair. I had an older lady give me a bunch of vintage clip on earrings and I use them for shoe clips.

  5. I cannot wait to try this! Thanks so much!

  6. I've had my eye on these for a while!  I'm a craft stalker! lol.  Shared a pic of them on my blog!

  7. Where can I find earring or other clips to make shoe clips?
    Thanks, Brenda 
    Cute idea!

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