Kids Can Journal, Too!

Easy Journal Kids Can Make

This is a no sew, kid-friendly option to making a journal. What a cute, fun way to encourage your kids to write and draw. 

This is a great project to use scrap paper because it is small and useful.

Start out with the same paper dimensions as the sewn journal tutorial.

Fold both pieces of scrapbook paper in half. Place the white cut out sheets in the large folded paper. Put the small, blue paper over the large, pink paper. 

Punch 3 holes along the binding with a punch, awl, or scissors. Insert a brad into each hole and flatten. 

Don't you think your child would love to try this? Imagine the stories they could capture with their new journal!

The Real Deal: It only cost me $0.50 to make this journal. 

Go and be pretty,

  1. This would be cute to carry in my purse but my daughter would probably take it away…she always takes my cute stuff.

  2. I always care a little "journal" in my purse. I have not got one for 2011 yet…a favorite

  3. I love writing and journaling! This is such a cute idea!

  4. Would love to have one and would love to make a few more!

  5. Such a great idea simple and a way to use up scrap paper. Thanks!

  6. wao…super cute & nice..not just for kids its also best for all

  7. I always carry around idea books and so my lil' one likes too also!  This is a great idea!!  I can customize her little notebooks!!  Nothing like having all those ABC's in a great little book!! 

  8. I really love this idea; what a great way to get kids excited about writing. I wanted to let you know that I submitted this to the M&T Spotlight:

  9. That is so sweet!!!  Thanks for the instructions!
    I'd love to have you share this at my For the Kids Friday Link Party!  Stop on by and see all the fun we're having!

  10. Thats a brilliant way of making a journal!
    Thanks! :-)

  11. ok

  12. Thanks!  Now that i know how to make one…i can make one for myself!

  13. Great idea, I'm going to make one with my girls.  Brad pins are another American/English difference, we call ours butterfly pins, took me ages to explain what I needed.

    • See I didn’t even know that. You are giving me all kinds of new words to use!

  14. this is so amazing, seriously i cannot stop making thosands of these, OMG!!

  15. this is amazinggg

  16. This is so cute- totally going to do this for thanksgiving season!

  17. so cute!
    im gonna make it soon <3

  18. Hello! I have been writing about my life’s journeys, and experiences, and lessons learned, my words of wisdom, inspirations, and most importantly…Love leaves a legacy. I became a mother at age 19, and started writing then…well my 8th child was born on 1/1/11, and my ink is still flowing. Hand made journals that my children create are the type a child their age would like, and enjoy writing,& drawing in. Also keeping memories, & mementos in. Every page is dated. I can’t wait to show them this!! Thankyou.

  19. thanks for the easy to follow directions. I have been searching for a journal for my 3rd – 5th grade students to make themselves. I think this idea will be perfect for them.

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