DIY Cotton Candy Garland

Planning a DIY summer party? Add a bit of sweetness with this DIY cotton candy garland.


Oh yea…

Start out with making a few of these spunky little things. You will need 3 for every cotton candy cone you make. Thread a needle with matching thread and tie a knot on the bottom side of one flower. Pass the needle and thread through the center of the flower from bottom to top.

Continue threading through two more flowers.

Squish them together… but not too much. Inconspicuously tie a knot on the top and cut away the excess thread.

Cut out a triangular piece of cardstock: 3.5 inch base and 5 inch sides. Roll it up and hot glue in place.

Apply hot glue to the top of the cone. Place the flower tower on top of the cone before the glue dries.

Leave blank or add felt letters and symbols.

Tie the cotton candy cones onto thread and hang.

Just lovely….

The Real Deal: It cost about $0.50 per cotton candy cone.

Go and be pretty,

  1. Cute idea.  In England cotton candy is called 'candy floss'

  2. in australia – it still is Fairy Floss.

  3. This is super cute! I learned that cotton candy in French is barbe à papa, literally it's dad's beard. So funny!
    Saw your post over on Craftgawker!

  4. So cute!!!  One of my readers sent me your way :)  I'm having an "Atlantic City Boardwalk" themed 4th birthday for my little girl.  Can't wait to make some of these!!  Thanks for the great idea! 

  5. So cute – I shared it on my facebook page!
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  6. It's still called Fairy Floss in Australia :)

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