A spunky little flower…

I added one to my daughter's hat. So adorable!

Start with 4 strips of tulle one inch wide by 30 inches long. I folded each strip in half 2 times just to save time on stitching. You could leave it unfolded and the flower would look the same. The tulle tends to catch and tangle on itself so I like to work with shorter strips.

Thread a needle with matching thread and tie a knot at the end of one strip.

Weave through the tulle with the needle. When you reach the end of one strip, start with another. Cinch the tulle as you go.

Cinch it tightly. Sew the end to the beginning and tie a knot.

Once you close the loop it will look like the one on the left. Separate the tulle pieces and you will get a fuller effect like the one on the right.

The Real Deal: It cost me less than $0.25 to make one flower.

Go and be pretty,


  1. the posibilies are endless with these little flowers. :)

  2. Super cute!!!!!!  Thanks for sharing!

  3. So pretty.  I love it!

  4. My website will change soon, there are updates on the current site. Anyways I LOVE your blog. I discovered it through Ucreate and I'm so glad! Love your tutorials, flowers, headbands, everything!!!!

  5. Found you through Prudent Baby! Loving all the fabric flower tutes! And I am absolutely ecstatic about your sign off, "Go and be pretty". Very positive, supportive, encouraging and completly endearing. I think we are friends!

  6. Thanks, Love the blog. bev

  7. Found your tutorial through the Sister's Stuff blog! I love these!!! Thank you so much for sharing!


  9. love this! i just made one for my baby girl and posted a link to your tutorial at my blog. thank you!

  10. Love this tulle flower make several colors & place them arounf decorations  &put on presents Thanks,,    ,sllvncookie  

  11. Thanks for sharing.  Made a perfect addition to the tulle dress I made and could not find coordinating head pieces. 

  12. Is it possible to make a similar flower with 9-inch tulle circles?

  13. Love this flower tulle. I've made one for myself and I posted a link to your tutorial at my blog.
    Anyway, I would like to ask, why my flower don't bloom like yours?
    thanks before. :)

    • Hi Jade – I clicked on your link and didn’t see anything.

  14. i was looking for a easy tule bow to go with a tutu i just made.  so cute and easy. thanks for the instructions.

  15. I went on a search for do it yourself flowers for the final touch to my cards! 2D paper wasn’t doing the trick! Love them!!

  16. Hello I am trying to make one of these and am heading to he fabric store but I do not know how much tulle to get for a flower the size of your sample one. Thank you!

  17. Thank you so much! I’m embellishing a “bonnet” for a costume party & really didn’t want to buy a lot of things, I have the tulle & this will be just perfect!

  18. Thanks for sharing. I have some extra tulle that I didn’t know what to do with. You fixed that problem! :D
    I’ll have fun making these this afternoon.

    Have a lovely weekend!

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