Golden Glitter Cuff

I am in love with this cuff. Surely you can see why! Let's call her Sparky.

Sparky can be splendid with a wide array of wardrobes. Let's take a peek at how to make Sparky all that she is…

Start with mixing a 1:1 ratio of glitter and matte mod podge into a disposable cup. So, if you use one tablespoon of glitter, use one tablespoon of mod podge. From there, you can add a little more of either glitter or mod podge to create the consistency you want. I bought the glitter, mod podge, and foam brush from Hobby Lobby. Use the foam brush to mix the glitter and mod podge together.

You will need a 1.25" wide brass cuff. You can buy them online from here.

Paint the glitter-mod podge mix onto the cuff. The picture above shows what the mix should look like on the cuff before it has dried. The white areas will dry clear. In my opinion, the more glitter the better. If you think it needs more glitter after the first coat, then add a second coat. Let it dry.

Mod podge can be sticky once dried. I don't know if it has to do with the material it is bonding to or how thick of a coat you use. But, this cuff did not turn out sticky. Maybe it had to do with using matte instead of glossy.

Isn't she stunning? What color are you going to make your cuff? I can't wait to see!

  1. This is fantastic! My sister and I were just talking about glittering up some shoes but everyones so vague with ratios,this was very helpful(and fun!). Yay glitter!

  2. Stopping by from One Pretty Thing where this caught my eye… LOVE IT!

  3. SUPER gorgeous.  I need one in teal glitter!  BIG TIME

  4. love the cuff and would love to buy 1 but concerned about the fit. I wear an 8 inch bracelet. Is it going to fit or be tight?

  5. Love it! I'm off to make one stat! :)

  6. Saw this on Mod Podge rocks.  It looks fantastic!  Great job, and I am absolutely going to make one!

  7. By way of Modge Podge Rocks..this cuff bracelet idea is SUPER I love it! I can make one in each color of teh rainbow!

  8. I am crafting and want to make some bracelets from a plain metal cuff bracelet.
    Where can I find the cheapest price on these cuff bracelets?
    Thank you in advance for your help,

  9. Your cuffs are beautiful! Do you mind telling me where to purchase the cuffs? I would love to make some of my own! I usually buy them at places like TJ Maxx but i would love to start  making them?

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