Bandi Band

Make one of these first. Or any of these really. Measure your waist. Cut 2 strips of 4mm elastic equal to the circumference of your waist. Use hot glue to attach the elastic. You can just as easily stitch the elastic to the flower with a needle and thread, but thought I'd offer a no sew option for those of you afraid of the needle.

Use hot glue to attach the other ends of the elastic. Cover all the glue ugliness with another piece of fabric. The upside to stitching is there is no need to hide anything.

And there you have it.

Wear as a belt…one of my favorites!

Or as a wristlet…just as lovely!

The Real Deal: It cost me less than $1 to make this.

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Until Monday…

  1. What a great idea to jazz up a plainish top.  Thanks for the  inspiration…I will definitely be trying this for my new work wardrobe!

  2. Sorry If I'm a bit slow here – but if you glue the elastic on both ends to the flower – how do you get the belt on?

    • You’re so funny, Courtney. The elastic stretches pretty good. With no problems, I was able to stretch it over my head and shoulders to get it around my waist.

  3. bu kemer de harika olmuÅŸ:)
    çok güzel elbiseme uygulamak istiyorum hemen:) türkiyeden sevgilerimle…

  4. Tout ce qui se trouve sur votre blog me plaît. Ne connaissant pas l'anglais, je l'ai quand même mis dans mes favoris. Il est trop beau.!
    Merci de^partager vos idées avec nous.
    A bientôt. Lily

    • Hi Sara!  I really love your belts–fashionable and really easy to make!  Awesome!  I saw this post in French and thought you might like to have it in English too… in case you are not fluent in French.  Lily says "I love everything on your blog.  Not knowing English, I still put it in my favorites.  It is so nice/beautiful!  See you soon."

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