Make Ribbon Barrettes

Have you seen 80s ribbon barrettes around? I’ve added a modern twist to these vintage barrettes.


Start with a basic metal barrette. Cut a 24 inch length of 4mm ribbon. Open the barrette. Place the middle of the ribbon under the opening end of the barrette. Hold in place. Pass one side of the ribbon through the barrette. Pass the other side of the ribbon through the barrette.

Continue braiding the ribbon to the end of the barrette. Tie a knot.

This is what the typical 80s ribbon barrette looks like. But it’s not me. I am going a step further.

Twist the ribbons together and fold in half. Roll the twisted ribbon to create a flower on the end of the barrette just like I did here. Use hot glue to secure the ribbon flower in place.

How many are you gonna make?

The Real Deal: Seriously… I had barrettes from forever ago that I found and used scrap ribbon. FREE!

  1. My mom made me these when I was little and I loved wearing them.  I have made a few myself.  I can't believe that they are making a come back :)  Love it!

  2. I love this! So much chicer with the little flower. Thanks for sharing. :) 

  3. How clever!  I'm thinking we'll have to do some green ones for St. Pats.  Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Super cute! I think I still have some of those metal barrettes. I need to go dig them out now because Girlie definitely needs some of those.

  5. I remember making those barrettes for my daughter…now that you refreshed my memory!

  6. These are adorable!

  7. I used to wear those metal barrettes.  I much prefer your ribbon embellished one – much nicer and won't snag hair!  Thanks for sharing. I will link in a future blog post so others can come visit!  Pearl

  8. Where do you find these barrettes to make this craft?

    • Hi Susan,
      These barrettes can be found at most stores like wal-mart, target, walgreens, etc. Hope this helps!

    • walmart or target

  9. We were a group of 4 30's ladies and had a girl's night once a week.  We made many of these for the various high schools in our area in their school colors and sold them to support our wine habit…;Great nights and great times.

  10. Does anyone have a site I can order the barrettes on.  I have the form maker but need more plain barrettes.  I have checked all our local stores and have been unable to purchase .  Please let me know if you have a web site.  Thanks

    • Hi Sherry – I found some at Wal Mart 2 years ago, but have not been able to find them again.

      • Hi everyone. I just purchased those barrettes at Wal-Mart 2 days ago and also found some at the Dollar Tree. Good luck. I used to make these barrettes for my girls when they were small and now I want to make them for my grand daughters. I made them the same as this but left the ends a little long and put beads on the end. It depends on how long the girls hair is as to how long you leave the ends.

    • I found the barretts at Rite-Aide….made them for my daughter when she was little, now making them for my granddaughter.  GOOD LUCK   :)

  11. i always wore these when i was in school , and wondered how to make them , wow how easy ,, thanks for sharing these

  12. You can also mail order these blank barrettes at Oriental Trading.  These are really fun and nostalgic too.

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