Petite Bow Headband

My husband's birthday is February 12, so this time of year I am usually focused on his birthday instead of Valentine's Day. Besides, I'd rather celebrate the fact that my husband was brought into the world because now he's mine!

But, I am not deterred from putting together a sweet little Valentine's Day outfit. I thought I would make a little romantic headband to match my pretty little shoes. Let's get moving…

Materials: Ribbon, hot glue and gun, metal headband

Cut a strip of ribbon one inch longer than the length of the headband. Use hot glue to attach the ribbon to one end of the headband, leaving half an inch overhang.

Add a little more hot glue, and fold under the half inch overhang. Dab a little hot glue every 2 inches along the outer side of the headband to attach the ribbon. Hot glue the other end of the ribbon down and fold under.

Make a petite bow just like we did here.

Use hot glue to attach the bow to the headband. I love subtle additions to outfits, and this fits the bill.

The Real Deal: It cost me less than $2.00 to make this headband.

  1. This is so sweet and subtle – and the pink velvet – the PINK.  I love it!!!  (I also love that the headband doesn't look like it would give me a headache!)

  2. Great tutorial! That bow looks so much more do-able now!
    Just curious where did you get a hold of such a simple metal headband? That's always my problem with MOD-ing a headband is that I can never find super plain ones!
    thanks a bunch

  3. Aw… this is such a simple project and so adorable, thanks!

  4. This is soo cute and simple!
    Just wondering what was the width of the ribbon you used?

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