Pink Flair for Mary Jane


Start out with a pair of Mary Jane pumps. 

Although you could just glue the pink ribbon to your strap, I am offering the following tutorial as a less permanent option. We are going to make a removable and reusable fabric cover for the strap, so measure the length and width.

Cut a piece of fabric equal to the length of the strap plus 1/2 an inch for sewing clearance. Make the width of the fabric twice the width of the strap plus 1/4 inch for sewing clearance. Cut a piece of ribbon the length of the strap.

Fold under one end of the fabric, pin in place, and sew. Do the same for the other end.

I used white thread so it would be easier for you to see what I am doing. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise. The right side (the side that you want shown on the outside when finished) of the fabric should be on the inside at this point.  

Sew along the edge lengthwise.  Make sure to back stitch at the beginning and end. 

Cut away the excess fabric. Turn right side out. You can do this by using a pencil to push one end all the way through.  Slip the fabric cover over the strap.

Buckle the strap. Slip the fabric cover over the buckle. Use hot glue to attach the ribbon to the fabric cover. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon one inch long. Taper one end of each piece. Attach the 2 pieces to the end of the ribbon located on the strap. Make the top part of the bow as shown below and use hot glue to attach it. 

easy peasy…

cheeky cheeky!

The Real Deal: It cost me $1.00 to make these accessories.

  1. Very SASSY!  I love it!!

  2. Those are sooo cute! I need to start looking at shoes with a more open mind!

  3. Love these!  One question though – why not just attach the ribbon/box right to the shoe?

    • Hey Courtney,
      Great question. I actually meant to address this question in my post because I knew someone would ask. I didn’t attach it directly to the shoe because I don’t like ‘permanent’ when it comes to my shoes. I like to constantly change them up. And I was afraid I would ruin them with hot glue. Make sense?

  4. I love this idea! The possibilities are endless.

  5. What an adorable touch! I'd love for you to submit this to the M&T Spotlight:

  6. I love love love this AND that it's removeable.  Now, where did you get those adorable shoes???

  7. Awesome!!!
    Now I just need a pair of Mary Janes to do this with! ;-)

  8. this is so freaking awesome , wow , you are brilliant

  9. So smart and pretty! Thanks for sharing the tutorial, I linked it in a series I'm writing for my blog (, hope you don't mind :)

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