Repurposed Candle Holder

My neighbor was throwing out this iron wall hang for holding candles. I couldn't hold myself back! I snatched it right up. No holders accompanied the wall hang; it was just the black iron swirl-a-ma-jig.

Instead of using just candles (since I usually don't burn them anyway) I used vases with flowers.

I found vases half off at Hobby Lobby and filled them with corn kernels from my pantry.

I snipped a few flower buds from left over fall decor and inserted them into the kernels.

Simple and quaint.


  1. I love the look of this!  I've seen these wall hangings around several places, but like you don't really burn candles and so haven't ever bought one (or dumpster dived one) despite how much I like the look and texture of them.  With this idea I may have to give in and find one finally!

  2. This is really unique & looking smart..i m always inspired by your photography..stunning…!!!

  3. This is an awsome idea, I love how you used the corn kernels in the golders

  4. I love this it's very effective!

  5. Love it! Very effective.

  6. Did you take it with you to London? So pretty! :) We miss you guys and hope all is going well for your cute family!

  7. I love what you did with the candle swirl. If I find one I would put it outside and put solar lights in it.

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