T-Shirt Headband

Of all the headbands I've made, I think this is my new favorite. It's like wearing sweats on your head, without the dumpy look. It's so cushy and comfortable!

And yes, I am wearing the shirt with the bottom cut off in the picture. Hey, I needed something to match okay? This could match, too. But, wearing that much gray can make a girl feel glum. NOT the feel I am going for!

Scrounge around for an old t-shirt. Cut a 1.5 inch strip from the bottom of the shirt. The length should be equal to the circumference of your head minus 2 inches. That way the band won't be loose when it's worn.

Fold in half lengthwise and pin in place. The right side of the fabric should be facing inward. Sew along the edge. Cut away the excess material.

Fold the headband right side out.

Make a flower or two and hand stitch it over the seam. I don't think it gets any easier, less expensive, or comfier than this!

The Real Deal: It cost me pretty much nothing.

  1. Love it! Now I know what to make with all those old T-shirts! Yay!

  2. Just the other day I was thinking there must be a way to make a grown up version of the cute comfy wide baby headbands without putting a pair of tights around your head. Now – boom – you figured it out!  Now I have to go make one. :-)

  3.  Cute headband! Love your ideas!

  4. I mean, I cannot get over how cute you are! What a great idea. And very cute picture.

  5. Brilliant! It's even something I could do during naptime to feel crafty productive :)

  6. Thank you for all the darling tutorials you give us .I need to clean out my closet so I recylce . Love the head band t-shirt .

  7. I just pinned something like that for my daughter on Pintrest, but now you have me thinking I should make it for myself!

  8. This is great!  I can't wait to try to make one too!

  9. I love this! Definitely going to give it a try.  Visiting you via Ucreate :)

  10. Love this! So cute and easy, just what I needed for a Mom's Night Out Craft event. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  11. Great idea!  I don't like headbands that give me headaches.  These are awesome!

  12. This is great! I never thought about tee shirt headbands, but I have made some out of yoga pant bottoms that I've hemmed!

  13. This looks so great! I could make a few for my girls.

  14. Sara I Love Love Love this!  So adorable!
    I did do a post on my blog about your headbands.

  15. Love this and I'll be featuring it today.

  16. Just made it! It’s so cute and was very easy to make…it only took a few minutes. Thanks for the tutorial!

  17. WOW! Thank you so much!!!! Simply beautiful!

  18. LOVE THIS! I have a hard time getting these comfy headbands to stay on my head so hopefully this one will. I posted a story about this on my blog and linked your site to it!

  19. LOVE IT! I can't ever get comfy headbands to stay on my head so lets hope this one works! I wrote a small post about this on my blog and linked it to your site!

  20. Super, super cute!!  I can't wait to make some for me and my girls.  I am filing this at thecraftersfilebox.com. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Found the link here on U Create… I made a few variations this morning and then showed a group of ladies how to make them tonight at a women's shelter where I work…. cute.. simple.. comfy!  A bit hit here!  THANKS!

  22. Hopping over from ucreate.  That headband is SOOO cute.  I'll be making a pile of those for my girls!

  23. This is SO great!!! I am going to make a bunch right now. Thank goodness I save (way too much) clothing that I no longer wear ;) haha.. Thanks for posting!

  24. Love this!  Looking for old tshirts right away!

  25. I loved this and thanks for the great tutorial!  I hope you don't mind but I featured this on my site!  Come on over and grab a button for being featured!

  26. Cute! Nice and simple too. I like that. :)

  27. Wow! Sweet Tutorial ! Love it!! Such a great way to up-cycle or recycle old t-shirts.

  28. Oh my word !! THat is so cute i love it !!!
     Do you have an etsy shope !!!

  29. Yeah! I pretty much love this! I think this would be so much for comfy than the crochet headbands that I am always sticking on my toddler's head. Plus, I have every piece of clothing from forever, b/c I am always saying I will make something with it. Now, maybe I can! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  30. how did you make the flower?

    • There is a link at the bottom of the tutorial that takes you to the flower tutorial.

      •   I really like the Flower you used, but the others look different.  Could you tell me the name of the one you used.  Thanks

        • Kristin – The only difference in making the flower for this headband was that I did not fold the twisted fabric in half before rolling into a circle. I will post a tutorial on it. :)

  31. How cute!! I'm going to post this on my Tumblr and my blog!

  32. I love this! Easy and so comfortable! I shared your tutorial on my blog, http://www.kristieskrafts.com. Thank you for your wonderful ideas!

  33. just wanted to let you know that you are mentioned on my blog.  Please let me know if you wish for me to remove anything.

  34. I made one today using your awesome tutorial!  I linked it to this post :)  Thanks very much…although now I'm slightly addicted to having one to match ever t-shirt I own……

  35. Thank you for this!! I made one today and will be posting it on my blog. My hair is uber-thick and I find that a lot of headbands (especially the wrap-around ones) are soo tight and I get major headaches wearing them. I've had mine on since this morning and it's a looser fit and voila! No headaches. I'll definitely be making another. :-)

  36. That is so cute!! Iam gonna have to make some of these!!

  37. Any chance you could give a tutorial on the flower portion for all of us who craft challenged?  Love, love, love this idea….thanks!

    • I would really like to know how to make the flower on the headband.  The ones that are on the link at the bottom seem a little different.  Could you please post how to make it.  Thanks so much :)

  38. Awesome! I have to try this!
    I'm new at blogging and I can't think of much to post. Would it be alright if I could repost this and give you credit for it?

    • Hi Julie – So glad you like the t-shirt headband. You are welcome to pick a photo and post it with a link to my site for the tutorial, but please do not repost the tutorial. Thank you! – Sara

  39. I would like to know how to make the flower on your cute cute headsbands.  After searching I still could not find the instructions.  thanks

  40. Hi! Love this post, thanks for the tutorial. Just wanted to let you know that I saw someone else's blog with this post on, but uncredited. You can find it here: http://interests11.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/diy-t-shirt-headband.html
    It seems like this person has ripped off a whole heap of DIY tutorials, without crediting, whether intentional or not, and spamming people on Pinterest too. Just thought you might like to know.

  41. I found you via Pinterest and made one of these this morning before heading to work.  Thank you for this easy tutorial for a comfy headband!  Made a cordinating flower, via your instructions, and walaaa!!!  Fantastic!  I may make a few of these, baby size for the little girl I watch for her birthday. 

  42. Hi from NV :)
    I have seen lots of these on Pinterest, Etsy, etc., but you are the first that I have found that is willing to share the how-to of them.  THANK YOU!!!
    With a smile, Dawn

  43. can u teach me how to do flower . 

  44. I love this!! My daughter has a huge head and most of the store bought headbands end up sliding off or they’re so tight they leave indents. This is perfect. I can’t wait to make some. Like the person above, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing the ‘how to’ for the flower.
    I bet it would even look cute to have a band from one colored shirt and a flower from another.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  45. I just found 3 T-shirts I used to love but are out of style…I’ve been saving them for some great idea to re-purpose them! Thank you!

  46. What a great looking and easy to make headband. It’s amazing what you can achieve with a little creative imagination. This would look fantastic with a brooch attached to add a little sparkle.

    Keep posting the great ideas!

  47. I made this the same day that I found your tutorial! So easy and so cute for my new baby girl. (And for my 7 year old…and for me…) Thanks!

  48. Hi Sara
    I just came across your bolg.. Love it!

    I was just wondering if you can tell me what kind of knit do you use… I have bought knit at Joann’s and when I pull it does not curl… It say interlock knit … I believe 60% cotton… Help!!
    Thank you do much

  49. I love this! My husband just started making Tie Dye Tees and has made several that had areas that just don’t look good from some kind of mistake so NOW I know what to do with those “messed up shirts” lol I LOVE it thanks for sharing your idea!

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