Make Beaded Hoop Earrings

Today's post is by Allison of the new Little Lovelies blog. She dabbles in all kinds of crafts from paper to sewing to knitting. P.S. Be sure to enter in Allison's big giveaway below!  (giveaway CLOSED)Take it away Allison…

I don’t know about you, but I can never find the perfect pair of dress-up earrings to wear to church. (I think I just proved how mature I am by referring to parts of my wardrobe as “dress-up”).  So I came up with these – pretty, but not too much.

The supply list for these is pretty simple and this is a great project for beginning jewelry makers.

  1. Pearls – I used three colors that were three different sizes (Michael’s)
  2. Findings – Headpins and Wire Loops (Hobby Lobby)
  3. Round Nose Pliers – (Hobby Lobby)
  4. Wire cutters

Thread one bead onto a headpin and cut the wire down to about half an inch above the top of the pearl. Using Round Nose Pliers, grip the headpin close to the very top of the cut wire. You want to be able to rub your finger on top of the pliers and not feel the wire sticking out. Gripping the headpin, turn the pliers, making a loop. Keep looping until the cut end of the wire touches the wire near the pearl. At this point, your loop will be in a “p” shape. Again using the round nose pliers, grip the wire close to the bead, like the bottom right picture above.

Turn the loop so it is no longer a “p” shape but a nice circle-shaped loop.

Continue making pearl loops until you have your desired amount of beaded loops for both earrings. I like to line my beads up to make sure I have made the same amount for each earring and also to make sure I put them in the same order.

Slide beads onto wire hoops, and you are done!

Now put on your pretty new dress-up earrings and show them off! See, I told you it was easy!

And because I am so excited to be here on Craft Snob, and because I am SO excited about my blog, I am doing my first giveaway!! You can win the supplies to make your own pearl hoop earrings! ALL of it – pearls, tools, and findings.

To enter, leave a comment below. For a second entry, leave a comment at Little Lovelies. While you’re over at little lovelies, become a follower!

The giveaway ends next Monday, at 12:00PM CST. The winner will be selected randomly. Good luck!

  1. Oh, those are so cute!  I love them!  I just HAVE to go make some now!

  2. Very cute! You make it look so easy too.

  3. I love your blog!  I have already copied several of your projects and I love how they ahve all turned out!

  4. So Fun! I love the colors! And I'm with you, I can always use some "dress up earrings" for church. I think I wear my same silver hoops every week. ;)

  5. These too cute and easy I'm going to have to try them out! 

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  9. Those turned out really cute. :) They look like an awesome project.

  10. These are gorgeous!! I can't wait to try it out :)

  11. How fun!  I've been wanting to try this for a while but didn't know how.  Thank you!

  12. Aaah! Pick me please! :) I've been wanting to learn how to make jewelry and have been looking at supplies to purchase. Thanks for the great giveaway and how-to.

  13. Beautiful!  I've been meaning to go into my local bead store to get started on creating some fun jewelry, but using felt & glue is so much cheaper!

  14. Love these earrings!!  What a great tutorial and give away!  Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  15. WOW – what a generous give away!  These earrings are too cute!  Would love to make some for my 15 year old daughter and her friends – thanks for the opportunity!

  16. What a great tutorial!!!  Thanks!

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  18. I LOVE these earrings! They are beautiful, and I can't wait to try making a pair myself.

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  20. Holy smokes, I LOVE these. I will definitely have to make some. Or a dozen. For everyone I know.

  21. this is awesome! i used to sell jewelry and these look like something we would sell :) never realized how easy it was! thanks for sharing.

  22. These are adorable!  A perfect first beading project!  I've been wanting to try this! 

  23. Beautifully and simply made!!  Great job, thanks for sharing!

  24. Great Craft, and tutorial! I have always wanted to try making earings, and you have just made it very easy for me to start learning. They are so beautiful.   Thank you

  25. Neato!  I think I'll make a pair of these for my lovely wife this weekend!!

  26. Cute!  I always am tempted by the idea of making my own jewelry, but I never quite know where to start (i.e., materials, tools, inspiration…), so I haven't tried yet.

  27. I love these, wanna make a pair for my earring-obsessed friend :)

  28. these are way cute, and i’ve always wanted to get into making jewelry!!

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    Thanks for the chance to win! Jewellery making looks great, can't wait to try to make these!


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  32. Those are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  33. I definitely will be trying these–thanks for sharing!  I love your blog!  :)

  34. These are so pretty! This looks so simple but I always worry that my attempt won't be so nice! I think I'm just going to have to try and find out.

  35. Great idea.  I'm excited to try it!!

    • ooops…didn't think it posted the first time.  Sorry!

  36. Great idea!   I'm excited to try this!!

  37. Those are darling! What a fun project.

  38. You make it look so easy, I'm going to give this a try.  Thanks.

  39. so pretty! i would love to experiment with a dangle in the middle too

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  50. Wow, these are so pretty…and you make it look so easy!!

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  52. I left a comment at Little Lovelies :)

  53. These really are very pretty.  I think I'll try my haind at a pair or two.

  54. Would love to win this!!

  55. So cute, and totally my style!  Thanks for the great giveaway!

  56. I love these

  57. Thanks for the great tutorials, always easy to follow. These earrings are so simple and sweet…thanks!

  58. I love these and totally want to make a pair. They look so cute and they aren't a lot of work!

  59. Really pretty – and they don't look heavy to wear!

  60. I love that all the things you make look expensive and professionally done, but in reality they're super easy and cost-effective! That's alright, nobody has to know the real deal but us ;)

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  62. Oh I love these! I'd love to make my own earrings!  Oh how I'd love to win!

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     Lord Bless!!

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  80. super cute.  definitely adding these to my to do list.

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  82. I've been wanting to get into some jewelry making forever now! This tute and giveaway would be a perfect place to start! ;)

  83. Love them!  Looks so easy and they are adorable!!!

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  85. Very  nice earrings!

  86. Very nice earrings!

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  88. These are adorable!….and so simple with the tutorial.

  89. These are uber cute!  I can't wait to try my hand at making these! Thanks!

  90. Another thing to keep me from sleeping at night (since I have too many small kids to do anything crafty fun during the day)! Not that I don't want it…I really do! I am up at midnight just looking at pictures…is there a 12 step program for my crafting obsession?

  91. You're a girl after my own heart!  I,too, am also always looking for accessories for church.  These are fabulous and the tutorial is perfect – just what I need to make these successfully.  I definitely will put this blog on my desktop.  SO CUTE!  (Can't help but hope that I win! I have two daughters beside myself who would love these)

  92. I like the fact that you can change the trinkets based on your mood or event. Dress it up dress it down. <3 

  93. LOVE IT, can’t wait to try it with crystals for the holiday! Looks like they go together quickly! And since my lil Sis sent this to me…I guess she wants some in her stocking!

  94. I love these – beautiful!

  95. Lovely.

  96. beautiful colors and I really like the bunchi-ness (I dont think that's a word… lol) the way the beads hang… sweet… dressy too… really nice, thank you.

  97. Really Cute 

  98. This is a great website and an an adorable project!  A great way to use up all kinds of "left-overs" too. Like Shari,  I also need to 12-step craft obsession program too!!  ,

  99. These are beautiful and so simple that I am going to make them in several different color tones! This is a great project which could very easily be altered to any size of hoop or color of beads! Thanks for the inspiration!!! :)

  100. They are lovely I have just started to learn wire wrapping and get a bit dispirited at how hard I find it so its lovely to see somthing relativity easy but that looks classy must give them a go..

  101. I always have a hard time with the hoops they never close correctly can someone help

  102. These are almost like a pair I have that I wanted to copy.
    Much simpler to do tho, so I’ll actually do it!!

  103. My granddaughter brought me a “bunch of pearls” today….just ’cause. Got on the ‘net to search for a fitting pattern and this is the first one that came up! It’s perfect!!!!!!!!Gonna expand a tad and make a matching ring….is that cool or what?

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  107. Hi I really love those they are fabulous! I am a new beader and I would love this kit. It would help me tremendously to learn more. I would love to win this kit!!

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  109. I love pearls and these are my favorite colors, I’m making me a pair and sure I will get a lot of compliments, thank you!

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  111. I’m going to michaels ASAP

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