Confessions of a Craft Snob

  1. I think the first is obvious. The last 13 weeks I've been busy making a nervous and circulatory system for my newest little one. It's exhausting! I'm hoping my energy bounces back in the 2nd trimester.
  2. I made this skirt and planned a tutorial for it, but the step by step pics would probably make you as nauseous as I feel. I'll have to tell you soon how I thought I lost my photo mojo (think blonde moment).
  3. I hate that I am judgmental. I don't have the right to be.

P.S. If you haven't read my other confessions, you are missing out!

  1. Congrats on the baby!! That is exciting news. And the skirt is adorable.

  2. Yay! Congrats!! My little girl was a November baby too :)
    I can definitely relate to the 1st trimester exhaustion but just wait, the 2nd trimester is great! You get your energy back, a cute little belly to sport around and hopefully the nausea dies down too ;)

  3. Congratulations!  Best of luck during your pregnancy!

  4. Yay! Congrats to you and Kevin! Love your blog. Take care! ~Linda

  5. Congratulations! I had way too many blonde moments while pregnant (pregnant brain!!)

  6. Congratulations! I hope you'll feel like a normal person again soon!!!

  7. How wonderful! And my own birthday is November 10, so I sure like November.

  8. Congratulations! :)

  9. YAY CONGRATS :) that is soooo lovely :)
    and so cute that you put a little scan pic on your tummy :)
    Betty Bake x

  10. Congrats Sara!!! That is exciting news. Also, what a cute blog!!! I totally have a blog addiction!

  11. Yeah!!!!!! Congrats!!!! How exciting!!!! Very cute skirt too!

  12. Congratulations!!!  What happy news!

  13. Congratz :)! Felicidades ! i follow ur blog, here in Chile.
    I hope that ur baby born healthy and with a bag of pampers under the arm :D
    (Que nazca con los pañales bajo el brazo)

  14. Hey girl!  I'm so happy for you – congratulations!  Oh, and I love your confessions series.  I can be judgemental too.  I do my best to beat it . ..  :D

  15. You’ve got a great blog. I saw your latest knit headband (and will definitely be checking back here for the promised instructions) on my latest iPhone App addiction – CraftGawker. My oldest daughter will be 22 in a month and I think she’d love several of those – among other things, lol. If you made the lacy cowl shown with the Knitting 101 petite series … that would be a great pattern to share too! ; D
    Congrats on your baby and I think your due date is absolutely fabulous! It’s my birthday! Lol I look forward to following your blog. I read your confession about marriage and one of my confessions is that I never imagined myself having children. However, after my first daughter I also dreamed that six was a nice number. Unfortunately my body disagreed. But now I can’t imagine being any happier with my 2 daughters than I am. Congrats again!

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