Duct Tape Ring

Michele and Melissa, the dynamic duo of Quiet Mischief, are here to help you discover the more refined side of duct tape. You’ve got to see all the things they make with duct tape… like flower rings!

Today, Michele and Melissa are going to share how to make a braided duct tape ring. Go ahead, ladies!

Braided Duct Tape Ring


  • Duct tapeWe use only Duck Brand tape, which comes in lots of colors, and several patterns as well. Using another brand may not work as well; in our experience, other brands are not as good and your ring may not hold together. In the same vein, we do not encourage you to use regular silver. Any type of silver we try ends up slowly coming apart.
  • ScissorsNon-stick is best, but any will work as long as they are sharp. Half of our pairs are regular kitchen scissors purchased for 35 cents in a sale. Whatever scissors you have, be prepared to remove sticky residue from them.
  • Cutting boardAn actual honest-to-goodness cutting board is not necessary, especially because they can be pretty expensive. Since you aren’t doing any detail work, you’ll be good with any plastic surface. You just need something to stick the tape to when you aren’t working with it.


1.  You can choose up to three colors and/or patterns of duct tape for this ring. We chose white and light blue.

2.  This ring is not very adjustable, so you need to start with strips that are the proper length. Wrapping the tape around the finger that will be wearing the ring, (make sure the sticky side is out!) add an extra 3/8 of an inch to each side and cut (an extra ¾inch total).  

3.  Cut this segment of tape length-wise, into three narrow strips. You will need only one of these strips for the ring; discard the other two or use them for other rings.

4.  If you are using more than one color of duct tape, repeat steps 2-3 for each color. You may want to use the color you’ve already cut to measure these strips.

5.  On the narrow sides make a ½inch incision, parallel to the longer sides, exactly in the middle of the smaller sides.  The easiest way to do this is by folding the strip in half, and making a crease along this fold, then using the crease as a cutting guide.

6.  Cut from the long side up to the edge of one of the cuts made in step five, removing and discarding the resulting rectangle of tape.  Cut down to the edge of the other cut from step five, from the opposite long side, and discard that resulting rectangle as well.  You should be left with two small protruding rectangles of tape on either end.  It is important that these be on opposite sides, for example, when holding the strip, one missing rectangle should be on the bottom left and the other on the top right, or on the top left and the bottom right.

7.  Repeat steps 5-6 with your other color(s).

8.  Fold each strip from step 6 in half length-wise, adhering the sticky side to itself.  The strips should now have the sticky side unexposed, except for about a half inch on either end.  These sticky ends should be facing opposite directions.

9.  Cut each of the strips from step 8 into thirds, lengthwise. The easiest way to do this is to check for the little threads running through the duct tape. There should be about 6 lengthwise threads on one side of your folded strip. Simply cut the tape into sections, each two threads wide.

10.  Choose three strips to braid. These can be any combination of colors.  Place an adhesive end of the first strip down on the cutting board.  Place an adhesive end of the next strip down on the now adhered end of the first strip, rotating about 30 to 45 degrees.  Place the last strip in a similar fashion, but hanging between the first and second strips.

11.  Braid the strips together by taking the right strip and moving it over the middle strip, then moving the left strip over the new middle strip. Repeat until braid is finished. To keep the strips from twisting while you do this, you will have to move one strip at a time and keep them pinned to your cutting board as you work.

12.  When you reach the sticky ends of the strips, stick them together on top of each other. This will hold the braid in place.

13.  Wrap the ring around your finger, making sure it is the correct size. Stick the sticky ends to each other to make a circle.

14.  Cut a new strip of duct tape from the roll, about ¼ of an inch long. Wrap this new strip around the newly adhered segment twice, to reinforce the band, then cut off the excess. Begin wrapping inside the ring, so that the final cut is made on the inside. The ring is finished!

Thanks, Michele and Melissa! Don’t forget to stop on by Quiet Mischief to see what other goodies they have in store.

  1. love the flowers ones on top!! so pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for this. Instead of duct tape I made it with Craft Lace, and did a few adjustments. I'm about to make a ring, and add a little plastic gem for a center piece, for my girlfriend of 2 years. I couldn't of done it without help from this website.

    IT RRROOOCCCKKKSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Hey i have made so many things out of duct tape its super easy. Just go to youtube and type in duct tape flower and it should show you how to do it. Hope that helps. It will also give you a bunch of other things you can make after that. Nicole.

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