Crochet 101: Part 4

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Lxi is here to finish up the Crochet 101 Series. Now you will know how to finish your crochet projects! Surely you feel confident enough to try this one now.

Just getting started? Check out this tutorial on all the materials you need to start crocheting.



Finishing your crochet project is very easy.  First, cut your yarn about 10 inches away from your hook.

With your hook, pull the yarn end out of the current loop.

Pull that yarn end tight.  It should look like this.

From here, you’ll grab your yarn needle and thread the yarn end into the eye.  The best way to do this is to twist the yarn like this…

…and then push it through the eye like this.

When your needle is threaded, you will want to insert it as close to your last stitch as possible. 

Don’t push your needle all the way through so that it comes out the back of your project.  You will actually be weaving this end in through the middle of the stitches.  Pull yarn through stitches so that there are only a couple inches left of yarn.

Make sure when you are weaving in yarn ends that you only weave in similar colors.

Stretch your stitches so that your yarn end isn’t pulled tight.  Then, cut the end.

Your yarn end should be very well hidden.

Weave in your other loose ends this way as well.  See?  It’s easy.

If you would like to continue learning, join other crochet enthusiasts who are following Living in Ivory as we go through step-by-step instructions to make scarves, purses, and much more.


  1. I liked all of the101’s. They helped me tremendously!

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