Elastic Fabric Flower Ring

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Now, you already know how I love flowers and rings. With summer coming along I wanted to whip up a fabric flower elastic ring using scraps.


  • Scrap fabric
  • Elastic
  • Hot glue and gun

Make this fabric flower and cut a piece of elastic a little larger than your finger size. Overlap the elastic and hot glue it together.

Hot glue the overlapped area to the back of the flower. Ta Da! Make one for all your summer dresses.

The Real Deal: I used scraps so it didn't cost me anything.

  1. i love this! So cute. i love this blog and i can't wait to start making stuff again

  2. These are such fun little flower rings!

  3. Very cute! I would use adjustable ring backs rather than elastics for myself because I have this wierd textile thing which is doubly bizarre because I'm into sewing, and the elastic would drive me off the edge into crazytown. I've bought ring making kits at my local dollar store that are meant for kids and used the rings out of that, haha. I just gave the rest of the kit to my daughter to make magnets. ;p

  4. This is adorable!  I have made these before using ponytail holders after seeing a tute from Jessica at Happy Together.  But I like the idea of using the flat elastic!  Love that you it cost you zero dollars.  Priceless. ;o)

  5. Lo-ove this!  My scrap pile is out of control.  I can't wait to do this with my girls AND the girls I work with at church!  Thanks for sharing…

  6. That is great improvisation. It costs nothing and it is very original. Waiting for more cute ideas.

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