Confessions of a Craft Snob

  1. I was in London all last week. See my little souvenir above? My how Kate looks lovely even on an oyster card.
  2. This one has been tough to hold back… We are moving to London! Last week was our house-hunting trip.
  3. There might be some glitches on Craft Snob over the next few days, as some changes are being made.

  1. WOW!  How exciting for you!  My husband dreams of moving to Scotland one day.  I lived in Edinburgh for a few months after college.  What a wonderful experience you will have I am sure.  I can't wait to hear more details.

  2. You are going to love it!!!  We just moved to NM after living in England for 3 years!  We LOVED IT! and hope to move back soon!

  3. As long as you keep up the craft snobbishness! Do you knit (can’t remember seeing any references to knitting)? There’s a whole revival thing going on about pure wool, recycled wool etc. going on in Britain. Or so I read… Remember to plan and make lists for the big move. And ENJOY!!!

  4. I just visited UK last month. Absolutely loved it! Good Luck with the move.

  5. How exciting!!!  I was in London about 10 years ago and fell in love.

  6. Well what exciting news…. Welcome to Britain!!! Hope you find the house of your dreams and that the move is a successful and happy one!! London is a great place to be….. ( though I only do as a tourist!!)  

  7. I would love to live there. Keep blogging and putting craft ideas on here.  They are the best on the web.

  8. You'll absolutely LOVE London…have been an expat here for 5 years and we just bought a house because we don't ever want to leave!  Make sure you pick up a copy of "Watching the English" before you come over…it will provide some seriously good insights that will make the transition to Ole Blighty easier (it can be a bit tricky at times).  Another valuable resource is the Junior League of London's "Living in London"…you can pick 'em both up on amazon.  Best of luck!! 

  9. Congratulations on moving! I've always wanted to travel to London. Hope to live a little vicariously through you! 

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