Confessions of a Craft Snob

As part of our move we're required to inventory everything we own. Ev-uh-ree-thang. Or… it's not insured. After a while I started to not care about more and more. I can't even tell you how many loads we took for donations because I was sick and tired of counting.

While undertaking my craft supplies, it dawned on me that perhaps I am a craft hoarder. I love getting my hands on pretty craft supplies. Often it stops there. Some supplies I tend to deem too holy for use… like my gems. They sparkle. They make me smile. Oh I love them.

My thought process is a little like this… "If I make something with (insert pretty craft supply here), then I might botch its beauty."

Do you hoard any craft supplies for fear of screwing them up? Don't tell me I'm the only one.



  1. Oh, I hunker down on my pile of pretty, shiny things and snarl at passerby, like any good <strike> dragon.</strike> <strike>hoarder.</strike> crafter. 

  2. I hoarde yarn, when I find beautiful yarn it takes me forever to find the right pattern….and then I never get around to making it and the yarn piles up.

  3. Oh my!!  Those beads are so pretty!!  I have tons of fabric because I love it all so much that I don't want to make anything out of it, because I may find something else that I would have liked better.  So it just sits and looks pretty in my sewing room :)

  4. Yes… I have boxes and boxes of beads.  Don't get me started on my fabric stash… it brings my husband to tears every time we have to pack it all up and move…

  5. This is so me. When we moved overseas we had to inventory everything as well and my husband told me I should just open a stationary shop with all the paper supplies I have. It's sick. They're too pretty to use and 'waste' on a project I might not love or a letter I might make a spelling mistake on….just like the ribbons and fabric that I'm scared to ruin…good grief. Is there help for people like us? Maybe I just need to plaster "Carpe Diem!" all over my office/craft room. Sigh.

  6. I feel exactly the same way! I purchase stuff cos I have great ideas for them, or they are really pretty. Then when I finally get it, I put them on the side cos I might screw up the projects I have in mind and they will be no more. Or, I may not do it justice. 

  7. Heehee, so glad to hear there are more like me! My sister once said it’s a symptom of perfectionism. OK, good. Then I’m a perfectionist – it makes be ffeel better!

  8. I was just having this exact thought last week! I confess, I am a total craft horder and there is no cure!
    I decided to re-arrange my studio and I mean TOTALLY RE-ARRANGE! Shelving units moved, tables moved, etc! I didn't realize how much I had in trunks under my tables! (Keep in mind this doesn't even count everything on 8 full shelving units, what is in the spare bedroom and in storage! I have such a hard time letting it go because I know what fabulous things I can do with it! (I do ALL crafts you could ever imagine! Everything interest me!)
    I loaded up a huge box last night with ATC making supplies because I haven't made any in years! Step one-donate it to the church so the kids can make something fabulous! Then I start to think about how much money I spent on everything in that box! (It was about $700!!) which makes it harder to let go!
    Yes, I am a craft horder and no 12 step program can cure me!

  9. I am a craft hoarder of Biblical proportions! Especially yarn, beads and fabric. It's horrible. If I had to inventory everything, I would just go down to the vets and ask him to put me to sleep, LOL. Everybody would know then and I like to keep my crafty little secrets!!! Have fun….hehe

  10. Yup. I buy material and am scared to use it. I have yards of ribbon and havent used it either. Im always afraid of things not being perfect the first time I do it. It’s such a waste if I don’t do it right. That’s the way I feel

  11. ::hanging head, raising hand::
    My name is Shai.  I am a pretties hoarder.

  12. I used to. Then I decided that there was no point. Chuck out the old ordinary ugly stuff and only buy the most gorgeous things. If you botch it, ther’s always plan “b”, or you can always just buy some more. Life’s too short to “save the nice stuff for something special” :)

  13. In a word, yes. :) I love craft supplies and often buy them if they are too pretty to pass up, whether or not they are things I actually have a use for {don't tell my husband, lol}

  14. You are definitely NOT ALONE! I do the same thing! 

  15. (oops! Didn't do it right, apparently! Sorry….)

  16. I do it all the time…. and I'd die to get my hands on those pretty lil' gems. ;-P

  17. I don't hoard them for fear of messing them up.  I just like having them almost as much as using them!  My ideal birthday is to go craft shopping and get whatever I want.  I am too ashamed to tell you how much fabric I (probably) have, but the rolls fill the back of my closet, and the hanging fabric on racks and bagged folded fabrics cover the entire back wall of the garage!  However, they are fairly organized.  I use them, but sometimes I just like to sit and look at them.  [Sigh.]  :o)

    • I can relate to that too, Pamela. Just looking at them…

  18. I am a craft hoarder, too and like a previous person wrote, I love to try everything!  Every pretty thing I see, I think, well maybe I could make that…"  But we are moving soon, and now I have to sort through all my stash and decide what to keep and what to give/throw away! This is probably reality show material :)

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