Knitting 101: Part 4

Elisa is finishing up Knitting 101 today. She's also offering a coupon code below for her pattern shop. I had not heard of Ravelry before… but I'm a big fan now! Check out what Elisa has to say about it.


Knitting 101 Part 4 This is the final segment of the Knitting 101 tutorial I am doing here at craftsnob. I am a little sad that this will be my last post, but I am so thankful for the opportunity. The great thing is, this experience has motivated me to post video tutorials for my own blog and YouTube channel.

If any of you have questions please email me at mclaughlindesigns [at] elisajoy [dot] com for support. I offer email support with every pattern I sell. I want every single customer to be successful. I want to pass along an awesome resource for knitting and crochet to you. There is a website called Ravelry that is a great source for hundreds and thousands of free patterns. Ravelry also has a feature where you can keep track of your projects and even leave feedback for designers in your comments. You have to create a login but the website is free and they don't send lots of spam like other knitting pattern sites I have come across. If you sign up be sure to add me as a friend! Here are links to my profile and Ravelry Pattern Store. Also if you wish to receive an email when I release a new pattern you can sign up for my email list. Each email includes a coupon so sign up if you are interested.

In today's lesson we are going to cover switching stitches and switching yarn colors. After this lesson you should be able to easily complete the headband pattern pictured below.

Changing Stitches Now that you know how to both knit and purl, it is time to practice switching between stitches. To start, cast on 16 stitches. Knit the first stitch. Once you have knit the first stitch, bring your yarn tail through the center between your two needles to the front.

Bring the yarn tail between your two needles so that it is in the front. This will set you up for purling your next stitch.

With your yarn tail in the front of your work, purl the next stitch. You should now have two stitches on your right needle.

Once you have purled your second stitch, move your yarn tail through the center of your two needles through to the back. This will set you up for knitting the third stitch.

After you have knitted your third stitch, you will repeat the process by bringing the yarn tail to the front. If you go around your needles instead of between them you will add stitches, so be careful of that.

Here is what you should do for this swatch:

  • CO – cast on
  • K – knit one stitch
  • P – purl one stitch

CO 16 stitches, K, P, K, P, K, P, K, P, K, P, K, P, K, P, K, P. Repeat this for 15-20 rows and your swatch should look like the picture below.

If you have successfully switched between knit and purl stitches you should have what is called a 1 by 1 rib. Ribbing is what is commonly used to make the brim of a hat because ribbing has a lot of stretch to it. Next, I am going to show you how to switch yarn colors. I started with the rib swatch I had already knit up.

Starting at the beginning of a row, hold your second yarn color next to your yarn tail.

While still holding the two yarns together, use the new colored yarn to knit your next row. Leave your yarn tail in the first color hanging at the beginning of the row.

Continue to knit in the new color all the way through the first row.

Once you have finished knitting one row, knit the next and you should be able to see the color change.

There is so much to learn with knitting, but if you have mastered the rib stitch you should be able to easily complete the Endless Braid Pattern. I would recommend finding a few VERY simple and quick patterns to practice with and help you feel successful. If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me through my blog and I would love to help.

Stockinette Stitch

Here is how you do a stockinette stitch when you are knitting flat. Knit the first row. When you flip your work over, purl the following row. Continue this pattern, knitting one row and purling the next. If you successfully knit and purl every other row, this is what your swatch should look like.



Many hats are done in stockinette stitch. Thanks for joining us for the Knitting 101 series. It has been such a pleasure to work with Sara on this tutorial. I hope you will all post your knitting successes and disasters. Be encouraged, it takes practice but it is SO worth it!


  1. I have loved this series!! Even though I know how to do most of these technqiues, I love your really clear instructions. I will definitely be checking out your Ravelry store. :) Thanks so much!!

    • Thanks Hope! I really wanted it to be clear. Thanks for letting me know you liked the tutorial!

  2. What a great end to the series. I loved it! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  3. Just peeked at your knitting tutorials.  Thank you for showing how to add a second color.  Would love it if you did a video about knitting in the round – I am petrified! 

  4. Hi,
    A coworker just introduced me to your website….would love to get on your email list?
    Thank you,

  5. I too was very impressed with how clear and concise your tutorials are!  Thanks for taking the time to really show how to knit.
    One question:  is there a tutorial on how to knit the flower that is shown in the pictures of your Knitting 101 block?
    I REALLY want to make one and can only find it in crochet — which after trying for ever I still cannot do.  thanks

  6. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I just learned how to knit THIS WEEK. I had a lesson with someone but by the time I got the hang of it the lesson was over and I never learned to cast off or even the purl stitch. So thank you so much, very clear instructions and I'm excited to make something!

  7. Hello,
    I too am inquiring as to how to knit the flower you show on your knitting 101 tutorial….it is perfect for the headband/cowl you show.
    Thank you for your assistance,

  8. Thank you for such a great tutorial.  I just learned to knit at a private lesson this week and really felt I had the hang of it.  I took your pattern for the head wrap since it seemed to be a basic project.  Once I got home it was like I totally forgot what I learned.  But I pulled up your tutorial and it was awesome.  I even learned the cast off and finished two headbands.  Thanks again and Great Job!

  9. I started learning to knit about three weeks ago with your series. I’ve made three headbands, one is particularly cute, but I’m struggling with this step. When you switch had to start the second row do you start with a knit or a purl? Also, on your video that shows purling your hand is in the way at a part that confuses me (problem with hands, always in the way! lol) Do you know of a good diagram that might show it? Thanks for a great tutorial! Can’t wait to be good enough to get more patterns from you!

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