Confessions of a Craft Snob

1. Clementine 2. Cotton Candy 3. Petite Headband 4. Journal

  • I often feel torn between recycling materials to craft with and buying fresh, really cute material I just have to have. Do you have this problem?
  • Being that I am still in my twenties (albeit late) and about to have my third child, I often feel like a freak here in London. It seems that most people don’t start having kids here until their early to mid thirties. And the looks I get, oh the looks.
  • Wondering what the collection of pink crafts is for above? We are having a girl!

  1. Hey Sara,  All this is so sweet.  How are you guys? When is baby girl due again?
    :)  Miss you,

  2. Oh how fun!  Congrats!  I know what you mean about the looks……I had my first child at 25, but I am very short and petite and look young for my age……I got looks ALL the time!  You will especially love having a girl with all your wonderful crafty talent – they are sooo fun to dress!!  Good Luck!

  3. At 32 with two kids, I'm the youngest of all the moms I know – didn't think 29 was at all young to have a baby, but most of my friends are having their first now, in their 30s. Congrats on number 3 coming up!

  4. Sara,  I am so bad. I am always buying more even when I have someting that would work at home.  I also have collected so much due to this habit….I am running out of room.  I just love to create nice projects. I am alwyas out shopping for new stuff.. Have recently challenged myself to use what I have on-hand–and it is hard. I just love to shop  I am in my early sixties and had my son at age 24.   I wish I had been able to have more children, but was lucky to have my son. You have so much to look forward to. I wish you happiness.

  5. Hi Sara,
    Don't feel bad about the looks. These people who is worried about what other ones make with their lives are often very poor in spirit, you just need to follow your heart and give so much love to your family. I also want to thank you for bringing more live to the earth. 

  6. I had 3 kids by the time I was 25 yrs old…I get weird looks also. Don't sweat it just think of how much younger you will be when your kids graduate :)

  7. Congrats. She will be spoilt with all your crafty goodness…
    Ahh the pressures of a courporate life, 'must get on the career ladder before having a child' …
    Try not to let the looks bother you. and think of all the pretty pink stuff you get to make now :D
    Im 24 and not in the mental state for a child at all having only just graduated uni, but part of me secretly wishes I was.

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