Nappy bin

Without any context clues, I might think a nappy bin is a place to let your baby nap.  I have now been trained to think 'diaper trash can' when I hear someone say 'nappy bin.'

Do you have any experiences with slight language barriers like this? If you haven't been following along you can find another example here

Oh yes, and if you want the font above it's free for download here.


  1. One thing I really had to watch for when I moved to the UK was to not say "pants" when I meant "trousers." "Pants" mean "underpants" here. Needless to say, I've embarrassed myself on more than one occasion by using the wrong word. :P

    • Ooh thanks Elisa.

      • Yes – pants is one of those ripe for comedy. I'll contribute this: When I first moved to England in the 90s, I had bought a pair of khakis which needed to be hemmed. Being as I had no sewing machine and lived with 3 male flatmates at the time (read: no needle and thread without a purchasing), I just thought it would make more sense to find a tailor.  I dropped in at a dry cleaner on the way home from work and asked the man behind the counter "can you hem my pants?" The guy looked at me like I'd grown a 2nd head. Yep, I had spoken American, not English.

  2. Thanks for the link! I downloaded this. Nappy bin made me think of something you put burp cloths in.. not the fancy kind the stores sell now.. the kind my parents used when I was a baby. The cloth diapers. I KNOW you said it is for diapers, but I'm thinking of burpy cloth diapers, not poopy ones.. lol I hope that makes sense.

  3. Well, in Canada, you use the word "serviette" instead of dinner napkin. I once asked for an extra napkin and my husband's family all laughed. Napkin is used to mean the feminine sanitary kind. OOPS!! 
    Hope all is going well for you and the family, Sara! 

  4. I have a funny one for ya!  We just moved from England about a year ago.  We lived in a small village and were really the only Americans around.  So my two BOYS went to the local Primary school.  Well my family is from Oklahoma…so we have a few sayings that we use… So my TWO BOYS were running and messing around at the school.  I yelled out " If you two don't stop it, you're going to fall flat on your FANNY!!"   All these moms just stopped and stared at me.  Apparently what i just said was COMPLETELY impossible…Because my two boys don't in face HAVE A FANNY.  A Fanny is a term for Vagina over there!!!!!!  I WAS SOOOOO EMBARASSED!

  5. In college, we had a Canadian girl visit. She asked me if I could show her where the wash room was. I took her to the laundry room, where she said she was actually looking for a toilet!

  6. I have to go very careful when I ask for an erasure, we call them rubbers back in England which is the American term for a condom.  

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