Speak English

I don’t have a July 4th craft to share. But I do think posting a red, white, and blue picture of a proper English term is fitting.

A ‘portaloo’ is the same thing as a ‘portapotty’ in the states… as if you can’t tell from the picture.

  1. I love people who blog about portable toilets!  I thought it was just me. :)

  2. i guess i'm a little slow, i don't get the reference to the 4th of july…a toilet?

  3. I always find using the word potty for loo very strange as it's what we call the training toilet that kids use.  So for English people reading it's common for American parents to say to their kids 'do you need to go potty' when all they mean is do you need the bathroom which I guess is odd too ;) We have honey buckets here in Portland instead of portaloos.
    Oh that's another term which had people baffled too, I'd always ask for a bathroom and no one would know what I meant, it's the restroom in America.

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