The Fat Jesus Fox

We took a drive out to Oxford in hopes of getting to tour Oxford Castle. I was telling my son we were going to go visit Oxford, which he began referring to as ‘fox’. I kept trying to correct him, but I opted to lose this battle. He was asking what the ‘fox’ is. I told him it’s the location of a prestigious university in England. I asked him if he could say ‘prestigious.’ He replied with ‘fat jesus’. Knowing I had just lost to the ‘fox’ I knew my chances of correcting him here was slim. After a few attempts, I digressed. To my son, ‘prestigious Oxford’ is now known as ‘fat jesus fox’.  

When we found parking in Oxford I only had to leave my left arm behind to pay. No big deal, right? Once we made our way to the entrance we were told that strollers were not allowed and children were not allowed in the tower.

So… we settled on a kid-friendly travelling act just outside the castle. Illusions, music, magic tricks and the like.

For the most part, my kids were more interested in playing with their dump trucks in the puddles. I don’t think they really cared about the fat jesus fox anyway.

If you are just joining Craft Snob, my family recently moved to London. You can follow some of our adventures in Living in London and Speak English.

  1. You were in my neck of the woods!!  Hope you liked it.  Shame we couldn't have met up.

  2. Good heavens, I recognize that magician!  My kids saw him at a fair in Cambridge last year.  We're back in the US now, but it brings me back.

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