This word alone sounds funny to me. When I hear someone using 'knackered' in a conversation it sounds even funnier. Actually, the first two times I heard someone saying it I thought they were implying that they were drunk or wasted. Nope… they were tired, exhausted, pooped out.

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  1. I say knackered. "I am just knackered, sorry guys." However, I've heard before that Canadians are more prone to have a bit of british slang…!

  2. Hi Sara,  I loved this one too and still say it.  :)  Do you know what it actually means though-very interesting analogy to being tired!  
    Hugs,  Jen

  3. These are great! I'm Australian so a lot of the slang/terms are the same …. my American friends and I make fun of our slang language… or start using them for a bit of fun. Hope you're enjoying the new life in the UK… :) 

  4. I'm with Jennifer, thinking of the other meaning for it!! (It relates to a guy being hit somewhere rather delicate…) I'm Australian, so don't know if the Brits use this 'other' meaning too, or just the tired/exhausted one!

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