Maternity Empire Skirt

You have to see this simple tutorial on how to turn any oversized skirt into a maternity empire waist skirt. And if you're looking for more DIY maternity clothes look no further than DIY Maternity.


  • Oversized skirt
  • Elastic
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Pins

Find a skirt that is too big for you to wear. Great excuse to go thrifting! After all, who usually keeps skirts in their closets that are too big to wear?

We are going to add elastic to the back side of the skirt. Cut a piece of elastic that will fit from one side seam to the other side seam. Cut the elastic one inch shorter than the amount you need taken in for the waist. For example, if you need to take the waist in by 2 inches, then cut 3 inches off the elastic. 

Match the ends of the elastic with the side seams and pin in place. Continue to match the center of the elastic with the center of the back side of the skirt and pin in place.

I sewed 2 straight lines with matching thread the entire length of the elastic. Make sure to stretch the elastic when sewing. Once completed, your skirt should have some gathering like the picture above.

You can wear it as is or add a belt like I did in the first picture. So easy!

Go and be pretty,


  1. That is so cute!  I love any shirt, skirt or pants that emphasizes those cute bellies!

  2. Huh now I wish I was preggers, I need for find a pregnant friend to make this for. Beautiful photo btw

  3. That is super cute! I definitely want to try that and can't wait to go thrifting.
    Great job!

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