Petite Yarn Bow

This little project prompted me make a petite yarn bow. One of the steps in making the pom pom made me think of a bow. Besides, we need more pretty yarn crafts for non-knitters right?

Simple. Pretty. These little bows can be added to hair clips, headbands, or shoe clips.

Wrap yarn around two fingers and cut. Unravel a couple times. Use the unraveled end to loop around the yarn between your fingers.

Tie a knot with the unraveled end. Pull tight and cut the excess off.

Hot glue a button to the center. Wouldn't these make a great gift for a sweet little girl?

The Real Deal: It cost less than $0.50 to make a petite yarn bow.

  1. Love the idea! Really cute!

  2. These are adorable!

  3. These are adorable. A perfect accessory for little girls just in time for back to school. Linking up at Tangled Happy tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  4. So cute!! And seems so easy to do.

  5. Absolutely ADORABLE!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. how cute :)

  7. WOW this is great!!! So easy I think I could do it. Thanks so much!

  8. great!!
    from Chile

  9. Wow  love those, can be used for so many different embellishments. I have a little corduroy hat I got at the thrift store and that would help to dress it up somewhat.  Thanks so much for a great thrifty idea.  So quick and easy. 

  10. hermosa-facil y creativa…

  11. How do you attach to your hair?

  12. This is absolute beautiful! I love how simple it is . I’m going to start it right now.

  13. Hello!

    This is an awesome idea, thank you for sharing! I’ve got some packets of yarn and this is one perfect way to make use of them! Just wondering though, would it work if I use super glue to glue the button on instead of hot glue?

    Also, the yarn I have is multi-coloured (more like, one roll has different shades of the same colour) and I’m not sure if it’ll look nice…what do you think?

    (I’m totally new to all this, so please forgive my lack of knowledge…I apologise in advance if the questions are ridiculous.)

  14. it is so awesome i found my Xmas gift:>

  15. Hi Ari, I would be very wary of superglue, simply because it has a tendency to burn through some fabrics and if your yarn isn’t 100% wool it may make a mess. You could always test it on a few strands to see how it reacts.
    As for colours etc. just play around and have fun creating, if it doesn’t look good you’ll know before you come to glue it so you can just undo it and try another colour combo

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