Book Decor: Pretty Bookmarks and Journal Wraps

Cindy with Skip to my Lou is hosting a month of sewing ideas for a handmade holiday season. Pop on over there to see what inspires you.

I joined in on the fun with these pretty, cute bookmarks and journal wraps.

Do you have a book worm or writer you can gift to this holiday season? Decorative bookmarks and journal wraps make a great homemade gift idea. Plus, kids will be excited to dress up their books and journals, making reading and writing all the more fun!


  • Ribbon or bias tape
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • ¼” Elastic
  • Book or journal

Ribbon Option:

Create a rolled ruffle about 2 inches longer than the book or journal. Need help making a rolled ruffle? Learn how to make one here.

Fold under each end of the ribbon.

Cut a piece of elastic to fit the book or journal. I used 6 inches here. Insert the elastic at each end on the underside of the rolled ribbon. Sew the elastic in place (a couple lines straight across the elastic, better seen in the bias tape option).

Insert the decorative bookmark in your favorite book or wrap it around your journal.

Bias Tape Option:

Cut a piece of bias tape the length of a book or journal. Unfold one end of the bias tape, fold the end inward, and fold the bias tape back. Cut a piece of elastic. I used 6 inches. Insert the elastic into the end of the bias tape and sew the elastic in place with a couple of lines.

You can use them as bookmarks or book decorations.

Double up on one book for more personality and fun!

Or wrap the strap all the way around a journal to keep it closed.

Looking for more unique DIY gift options? You can find several accessory ideas here.

Go and be pretty – Sara


  1. Ok!  Now this is totally something I would use daily!  Love it!

  2. found your post via craft gawker. love this idea!

  3. It's like making a headband for a book! What a great idea!

  4. Adorable and useful. I can't wait to make some of these for myself and my daughter!

  5. Love this tutorial! Never thought to make a bookmark like this! :) 

  6. Love this bookmark, got a lot of ribbon/fabric I can use.  Just a thought, how about adding another piece of ribbon to the top, so you can have a bookmark, AND keep it closed with the elastic?  

  7. I just made one for a friend, thank you so much for your tutorial!  I wonder if these would work as headbands too?

  8. Thanks for sharing, so going to sew some of these for gifts.

  9. That is the slickest idea I have seen in a very long time. So extemely useful. Wish I had thought of it. I'll be busy for a while now so may not stop back for a few weeks. Have some book bands to make. Thank you so much.

  10. Loved these bookmarks.  I think they would go over big in my next boutique for Christmas.  Gotta get busy sewing though or I won't get any made  Thanks for sharing.  I use lots of bookmarks myself.

  11. ingenious idea:D!!!

  12. That is awesome I think is a great idea

  13. Love it! I’m making a couple different sizes for my cousin’s bday. Then I plan on making a whole bunch to stock up on for gifts in the fiture! xD

  14. Very cute! A great look! I will be trying this with longer cloth part to use as headbands!! Thank you so much:))

  15. very nice

  16. When I saw your book mark, that’s what I have in mind but didn’t know how to make it as I don’t know how to saw. Thank you for sharing your artwork. Looking forward to more creative artwork.

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