Confessions of a Craft Snob

  1. See all my buttons? What shall I do with them? 
  2. I got a cell phone!
  3. I am feeling the first inklings of being homesick.

Go and be pretty,


  1. You should give them to me :D LOL

  2. Oh I just love your buttons!!!! I now have a desire to go home and create with buttons!  I would love to have sooo many buttons, but alas I don't
    How long are you to be living in England?
    If you have a chance, go to York, it's an amazing town, and the oldest street in Europe is there. The Shambles, and Yorkminster Abby. It's worth the train ride, or drive!

    • Mimi – Our visa is for 3 years, but really it depends on the project my husband is working on. Thanks for the tip on York. We will try to make it!

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