Easy Button Earrings

Since I have a bunch of blank studs and buttons I figured the two would make a great marriage. So enters easy button earrings. It's also a fun and inexpensive way to create matching bridesmaids earrings.


  • Buttons
  • Wire cutters
  • E6000 glue
  • Earring posts

I got these earring posts from Hobby Lobby before moving to London. I don't know where to find them here. In fact, I don't really know where to find any craft supplies here.


  1. Remove the loops on the backs of the buttons with wire cutters.
  2. Lay the buttons face down and apply E6000 glue to the back of the buttons.
  3. Lay one flat head post on top of the glue.
  4. Let the glue dry for at least a few hours.

Making button earrings won't break the bank, so I think I might make a pair for every outfit. That might be overboard, but today is my birthday and I want to make a bunch!

The Real Deal: It cost less than $1.00 to make one pair of button earrings.

Go and be pretty – Sara

  1. I think these are great! Awesome job!

  2. Hobbycraftis one of the best places to get crafty bits from. Depending whereabouts in London you are depends where your nearest one is.

  3. That was a wonderful thing to do for your birthday, something just for you on your special day.  Cool, Im gonna look into E6000 glue for my earring project.  Thank you!

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