How to Make a Bouncy Ball

Do you have a ton of rubber bands lying around? Somehow I've obtained a bunch and thought they would get more use out of a bouncy ball instead of sitting in a drawer.

I had to throw some rubber bands away because they were so old and cracked. You know the kind that snaps when you barely pull on it. Just ditch 'em.

Yay for bouncy balls.

Triple yay for pretty bouncy balls.

Start with one rubber band and tie it in a knot. Tie another knot on one end. I left the other end in a loop to tie to a string my son can use to throw the ball and have it bounce back to him. (yes, that was a run on sentence)

Keep wrapping rubber bands around the knotted rubber band. Don't worry about the initial shape.

As you add more rubber bands you will able to create a sphere shape.

This is where I tied an elastic cord (you can use string instead) that my son can put around his wrist. That way the ball comes right back to him.

Since I am all about the pretty, I wanted to add some color. Who doesn't have gobs of elastic hair ties? Wrap and twist the hair ties around the rubber band ball until it's pretty.

The Real Deal: Since I used materials on hand, I didn't pay anything to make these!

Go and be pretty,



  1. I love this! So much fun! I'm pretty sure the boyfriend would love to make these, haha! : )

  2. Very clever, and pretty, to boot! Good job. I have a rubber band ball
    I bought from an office supply store, which I keep in a
    Kitchen drawer. It’s nearly gone….now I can make
    A replacement! Thank you!

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