Halloween Straw Confetti

Straw confetti is an easy way to infuse color and fun into your Halloween party. And kids love it!


  • Straws
  • Scissors
  • Little helpers

Cut a bunch of straws into small pieces and gather them together.

Put the straw confetti in bowls or glass vases to add pops of color. Maybe add them to goodie bags.

Or go on… give in to your begging kids and let them have their way with the confetti. Who cares if 99% of the time will be spent cleaning it up. Just eat up the joy and excitement the confetti creates!


  1. my kids would definitely enjoy making a big mess with that!

  2. my two year old wanted to watch the video over and over again and kept saying "abby! abby!" like she wanted to jump in there and play with them!! thanks for sharing!!

  3. Oh, gorgeous and so simple! Sounds like a great deal of fun, and after playing with the konfetti, the kids could use it as beads and make a Halloweenish necklace ;)

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