Handmade Ornament Parade

Oh. Yes. The 2011 Handmade Ornament Parade will be prancing here, on none other than Craft Snob, throughout the entire month of November.  Each day will debut a fresh, pretty ornament tutorial, courtesy of several pretty crafters from around the web, to inspire you on your quest for handmade holidays.

I usually prefer silver and white holiday décor because it makes me think of cold and snow, something Houston rarely ever sees. Now that I’m in London, where I will actually experience a real winter, I think I will branch out and try something new, like below. I still snuck a white one in there!

1. Bower Power  2. KiMemories  3. Juicy Bits  4. Sweet Jessie

What colors are on your holiday ornament list? Are you the traditional red and green? Or ultra femme glitter and pink? Be sure to stop by throughout the month of November for new ornament inspirations!

  1. oh, how funny – I'm linking to ornament tutorials & holiday inspiration on my blog every day in November – I've already written the posts, but I will definitely update with links to the tutorials here because I know they will be beautiful!

  2.   These  tutorials crafts are awsome each little different,Great job,Especially the Christmas List on empenty spools,Thanks Happy Holidays,, sllvncookie

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Wow! These are all so fabulous!

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