Christmas List Ornament

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Today I am here sharing my super easy Christmas List ornament tutorial! I was inspired by this ornament from Pinterest(I’m a Pinterest junkie–follow me!)

Super cute right? Here’s mine:

Normally I put my own twist on my Pinterest-inspired projects, but this one didn’t have too much room for variation. I loved the red and everything. But what I did to make it personal was to make one for each member of my family and write on the list the things they want for Christmas this year! Here’s what you need to start:

  • Wooden spools (I bought at Hobby Lobby, they were pretty cheap.)
  • Red Paint –or whatever color you choose. I used Red by Deco Art (Great paint products!)
  • Paint brush
  • Not shown is thin ribbon, white cardstock, rubber bands and hot glue. I also just used a Sharpie but it’s better if you have a fine tipped black ink pen. (What can I say, I’m low on scrapbooking supplies. I don’t scrapbook.)

First you paint the spools red. (Like you need a picture of this…)

Then you cut out strips of cardstock the same width as the inside of the spool and about 10 inches long. You can trim it later if you want. I used hot glue to glue one end of the cardstock to the spool, just a thin strip of glue. Then I wrapped it around, leaving a good size tail and secured it with another strip of hot glue and then with a rubber band. After that I wrote out the list in pencil and went over it in marker. It was tricky to write nicely so I went for a child’s handwriting look, which I wanted anyway!

Here’s where you can add a tag for whosever list it is or just write it at the top of the list. After this step you can just thread the thin ribbon through the middle of the spool and tie it together. Then take off the rubber band and done! Once you hang it on the tree you will realize it doesn’t need anymore embellishment. (This one below is my hubby’s Christmas list)

I really love these ornaments. They were so easy to make so and so personal. And looking back you can remember what you or your kids wanted for Christmas that year! These would also make a great craft activity for church or youth groups. The spools and paint are pretty inexpensive.

Merry Christmas!!

  1. I pinned this too becasue I thought it was sucha  lovely sentiment! Can't wait to do it this year! Thanks so much for sharing this with us .:)

  2. Very sweet!  I love the idea that each family member could have their own little list!

  3. This is such a fun idea and an awesome keepsake to look back on when the kids are older to show them what they liked as kids.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea.  Thank you so much for sharing this. (i'm just a "tiny" bit addicted to pinterest too :-)

  4. This is such a cute idea that you could do yearly with your child. I am going to do it with my girl scout troop!

  5. love this idea too….so simple

  6. Thanks for sharing this…I saw it on pinterest and want to try making them too.  Do you know what size spool you used?

  7. I make ornaments each year for my family.  I've already bought the spools to do this for next year's ornament… cute!

  8. I just shared this on my blog:
    Feel free to grab my Featured Button on the right side bar if you like.

  9. Can you tell me what size/dimension spools you used? Our Cub Scout Pack is going to make these.

  10. In answer to the people who asked about the size of the spools, I've already removed the tags from mine.  I looked at Hobby Lobby and they had a package of around 20 spools in a bag, but those spools were very small.  I ended up getting my spools at Michael's and they were 79 cents per spool, I think.  They are 2 1/8 inches long and 1 3/8 inches in diameter. 
    As far as being addicted to pinterest….is there a 12-step program for us?  :~))

  11. I am using my 93 yr old grandmothers spools we just got from her house (she's in asst. living now) and made a list on the computer with script font of "good boys and girls" and listed all the grand, great grand& great great grand kids names!  We have enough for each child to have one for their tree made from "meme's thread" spools.  Can't wait to give them out!  My little secret til November!

  12. thank u for the great idea their so cute. cant wait to make them. my grandma was a quilter n i have her old sewing basket it’s full of the wooden spools. i always kept them knowing some day i’d find a use for them. thank u for the memories i’ll be making n sharing with my family

  13. Loved this. I would take a Q-tip and paint the inside. Also glitter would work well on the ends. Lacquer spray would shine it up! I’m doing this for next year with my grand-daughter:)

  14. Thank you for sharing. I will show it to my craft friends.

  15. My son made one of these in grade school.
    it so much fun to read the list every year
    He has gotten everything on his wish list but one
    A hamster and I never broke down and let him have one

  16. My son is in college now So it’s a great way to remember
    Past Christmas’

  17. So cute and simple, very cute as a child’s wishlist. It’s also the perfect answer for making a list of the names of Jesus for an ornament! I’ll try it!

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