Crazy, Colorful Christmas Tree Ornament

Hey friends! Joanna Waterfall of Waterfall Creative here! I’ve always been quite fond of parades, so it makes me super excited to be apart of the ornament parade here on Craft Snob!

As a self -proclaimed blogger and graphic designer, I’m fascinated by colors and patterns. With full creative freedom to make a DIY ornament- I couldn’t resist putting a Christmas twist on some fun colors and patterns! So today I will be teaching you lovely readers how to create the “Crazy, Colorful Christmas Tree Ornament!” And friends- this is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do this Holiday- (besides eat- that’s pretty easy to do) But seriously- its so simple. Just 5 short steps- and I provide all the materials! Woo hoo!

Here’s what the final product will look like:

Before you begin assembling this colorful ornament, I’ve created 4 different downloadable templates for you- including everything you will need to make your “Crazy, Colorful Christmas Tree Ornament!” But you are in no way limited to just these patterns, if you find some pretty paper you like, use that! Possibly some textures or even your own patterns you’ve created… you’re limited only by your imagination :)


So here are the steps you need to take to make this pretty little guy.

Step 1: Print out your tree cutout. Pretty simple, right?

Step 2: Print and cut out your patterns in any way you like. I suggest using three different patterns- but if you would like to add more- don’t let me stop you!

Step 3: Take your patterns and position them in the order you would like them to go in on the back side of your Christmas tree cutout. Now you can either modge podge these onto the back, glue them, or even spray mount them on. It’s up to you, just make sure they lay flat on the back of the cutout.

Step 4: Turn the cutout around so you can see the dotted line of where to cut out the tree. Then do what comes naturally, cut on the dotted line!

Step 5: Turn it around to the patterned side- and gaze upon your beautiful tree! Punch a hole in the top, string a ribbon through that thing and you are finished! Its the perfect accent to any tree! So easy- right? If I can do it, you can. Confession: I’m really not that crafty. I just pretend to be :)

Thanks to Craft Snob for having me today! If you’d like to get to know me more, or tell me what you think of the ornament, you can Tweet me, check out my blog, or even view my online graphic design portfolio.

Thanks friends!

  1. Very cute!!  Did I miss where you click to download the templates?

  2. OMG! Those patterns are fantastic!! Thinking about this for our window display! Bravo Joanna!

  3. Cute! I LOVE the idea of having the chalkboard as the background to write in steps – must try for my blog!!! 
    Again, very cute patterns and colors!

  4.   This is so cute & simple, Thanks

  5. Thanks. Getting ready for a great new year!

  6. What a very cute idea! I will be making some of these for packages and of course for an ornament for the tree. Thanks for sharing and I really like the chalkboard background idea…very clever you are!!

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