Doily Snowflake Ornament

Hello! I’m Christie and I blog over at A Lemon Squeezy Home. I’m excited that Sara asked me to post during the amazing Handmade Ornament Parade! What a fun idea. I’ve loved seeing what has been done so far, and it’s great that it’s far enough in advance that you can easily get these ornaments made for your tree by Christmas! Ornaments make great gift ideas as well.
Today I’m going to show you how extremely quick and easy this doily ornament is. My 6 year old said it looks like a snowflake, so we’ll call it the Doily Snowflake Ornament. I think it’s a great starting point for many beautiful things you can imagine with this ornament.
You’ll need:
  • a small doily, roughly 4” diameter
  • two 5” x 5” squares felt, any color you like
  • polyester filling
  • 8” piece ribbon, lace, twine, etc. for hanging
  • embroidery floss (optional – I ended up liking it better without)
Start by sewing your doily onto one of the pieces of felt, centered. I used white thread so it wouldn’t be seen on the doily. Please note that you can embellish the ornament at this point with whatever you want—beads, embroidery floss, anything. It’s just best to do it at this step so any stiches are hidden inside the ornament.
Find a cup or bowl that is just a little bigger than the doily and trace with chalk. If you don’t have chalk like I didn’t (mine was gone), then use a pen but make sure you sew just inside the drawn circle.
Pin the two layers together and sew, leaving a 2” opening for the stuffing, again making sure to sew just inside the circle so your markings are cut off. I used red thread so the stitching wouldn’t show, although a nice contrasting thread would be pretty. Cut off the excess around the circle.
Stuff the hole with the filling.
Loop your ribbon, lace, or whatever you’re using to hang the ornament with.
Stick it into the hole and sew it closed right to the edge.
If you want, you can use your embroidery floss and stitch around the edge, or you can decide you like it simple like I did and skip this step.
I think this combination of materials would be really pretty. Or you can use greens, turquoise with reds, whatever! I think spraying the doily would also be pretty.
That is it! SO easy and such a quick project!
Thanks for having me today, Sara!
  1. Can you buy the doily or do you have to make it? i don't know how to make them which is why i ask. Very cute ornament. 

    • Hi Trixie – You don’t have to make the doily. You can find them at most craft stores in various sizes.

  2. This so cute and easy….. im cutting up my crochet tableclothsand runners for this project. you can pick them up really cheaply at op shops….

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