Make a Paper Ball Ornament

Hello! I’m so happy to be contributing to the Ornament Parade. My name is Sarah — the mom of three energetic boys and an artist. When I’m not playing soccer in the driveway, rounding up the dirty socks, or going on bike rides, I design and make books. You can visit my shop, Book Bound Bindery, or stop by my blog, Sarah Nielsen. This paper ball ornament is quick and easy. You can make enough of these for your entire tree in about an hour! And it’s a great project for your kiddos to help with. Another great thing, is they store flat so they are easy to save for the next year or ship to a loved on as a gift for the holiday. Enjoy!

How to Make a Paper Ball Ornament


  • Paper Circle punch (I used a 1.75″)
  • Double-sided tape (or glue)
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Bone folder (optional)

Step 1: Punch out at least 10 circles. For thick paper (cardstock) use fewer circles. For thin paper (computer paper) use more circles.

Step 2: Fold each circle in half and burnish with the bone folder.

Step 3: Tape (or glue) each folded circle on top of one another, making a big stack.

Step 4: Cut your twine (or ribbon) more than double the length of the diameter of your circles. Fold in half and tie a knot at the bottom. Place it in the stack of circles. Glue the first and last circle halves to each other so the ornament wraps around the twine. The knot keeps the twine from sliding through.

  1. wow what a great project and so easy, affordable and lends to so much more creativity.  Love it and thanks so much for the idea. I've seen these before but think I can actually make some to send for gifts to loved ones this year. So impressed with all the creativity and talent out there, so lucky to be able to see so much of it.  So happy to see that people are crafting. 

  2. These are adorable…makes me want to try making a few and putting hand lettering inside some or all of the spaces!  Lots of possibilities!  Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a sweet simple ornament!  I think I'll have to try a few this year for my tree :)

  4. This brings back some memories – but we used to use old Christmas cards (or from folks we didn't know well or couldn't remember!) and we made the circles into triangles with the sides flipped up and glued together it made the coolest ball (and you could actually put something in the middle if you wanted (like a money ball!) and hang on the tree for the kids.  Guess I will have to dig out the old cards and start cutting circles.  Thanks for your inspiration and sharing your craftiness!

  5. This is fabulous.  I teach 1st grade and I'm going to try it with them…  Adding on to Beth's idea, you could get paper printed with Christmas designs like at Michaels and punch out of those!  Also, they have scalloped circle punches that would be trickier to line up but still very easy, and would look really neat too.  
    Thanks for this great idea!

  6. Maybe you could add some glitter around the edges?

  7. I just love this I so want to have a go wonder if you could do it with fabric ( stiffened of course! )

    • ooh that’s gives me an idea!

      • If you do some with fabric please show us!! i have been looking at getting a paper punch as these are just so cute. wonder if it would work with felt??… luv em!!

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