Ribbon Wreath Ornament

Hi, I’m Marie and I craft over at Make and Takes. I’m happy to be joining the ornament fun over here at Craft Snob! Today we’re making a ribbon wreath ornament complete with a few jingle bells. I’ve crafted these fun ribbon wrapped bells before, but we’re using green ribbon and red bells to give this ornament the resemblance of a Christmas wreath.


  • 2-3 inch ring, mine is a shower curtain ring
  • 4 feet of green ribbon, best to have the ribbon 5/8 in. width
  • 3 red bells
  • scissors

Wreath-Bells-Ornament-21. Wrap your ribbon around and around the ring until it’s all covered in ribbon. Tie off the ends together in a knot.Wreath-Bells-Ornaments-32. With the ends of your ribbon, thread on your bells. Tie them together in a knot again after the bells have been added.


3. Trim your excess ribbon and it’s ready to hang!

  1. I am just loving these simple, yet beautiful craft ideas!  I'm going to share on my HappyHooligans facebook page!  I'm all about sharing the gorgeous homemade ornament ideas this year!  Thanks for the inspiration.  I"m looking forward to seeing what else is on parade!

  2. Boy I can think of ways to use that idea with the shower curtain  ring and ribbon, etc.
    What a super idea and thanks for sharing.  Love it. Just happen to have some shower rings

  3. Thanks for letting me join in the ornament fun!! 

  4. This is so adorable yet so simple! Can’t wait to try this myself. Cute idea to give to family members for Christmas.

  5. Wonderful idea – could maybe used as napkin rings too? Thanks so much for sharing this!

  6. Terrific ornament! Share your ornament (or more) on our Linky List to get exposure for your own blog and share with your community. http://muddymonkeys.me/2012/11/28/wanted-homemade-christmas-ornaments-for-children-and-kids/

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