Sea Shell Ornament

Hey there, everyone! I’m Julie and I blog over at Gleeful Things where I often post crafty inspiration, DIY tutorials, and free crochet patterns! I run a little shop on Ravelry where I sell crochet patterns that I design, as well as a shop where I sell hats that I crochet. I’m excited to be doing my first ever guest post here on Craft Snob! Thank you, Sara, for inviting me to the ornament parade!

I’m from a little beachy area in southern California and a lot of people around here like to decorate their Christmas trees with sea shells! So I put together this easy tutorial so you can too!

DIY Sea Shell Ornament

Don’t worry if you don’t live by the beach, most craft stores sell shells!



  • Sea Shells
  • Glitter
  • Beads
  • Cord or ribbon
  • Sponge brush
  • White glue
  • Hot glue gun

DIY Sea Shell Ornament 3


Step 1: Cut a piece of cord or ribbon. Put both ends through the bead and tie a knot.


Step 2: Hot glue the cord to your shell. Don’t worry if the glue shows, you can cover it in glitter to hide it.


Step 3: Use your sponge brush to paint your shell with white glue.


Step 4: Cover the shell in glitter.

Give it some time to fully dry then repeat steps 3 & 4 on the other side.

DIY Sea Shell Ornament 8

If you don’t like working with glitter (and the mess it makes!) you can always find shells that are pretty even without glitter!

DIY Sea Shell Ornament 9

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you’ll stop by my blog and say hi! You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter! Let me know what you think of the tutorial. And I’d love to see yours if you make any!

  1. I adore this Julie!  You've given me something to do with some of the shells I've collected on past vacations! 

  2. This is great have friend owns beach house prefect gift idea,,You Smart Gal,,lol,lol,

  3. I live in Oregon so a trip to the coast makes it easy to find theses gems! I thought to add a photo inside the large shell or a favorite saying would be cute too! Thanks for sharing your ideas! I love your site.

  4. I love the shell ornaments. They could be used at any time of year for decos with or without the glitter.  How pretty to string them, hang in a window for the sun to shine thru. Thx for great ideas.  

  5. thank you – i am convalescing from emergency srg and think this might be something i can manage- also, i have things on hand for it since i cannot go to the store (no driving) THANK YOU

  6. So simple and gorgeous!  Thanks for sharing this quick and easy ornament craft :).

  7. I was thinking perhaps you could use some heat embossing powder on the eges to add a touch of gold or silver too, and use the fine diamond crystal glitter too. Love these. I have a bag of shells waiting for just such a project!

  8. One of our most fun times this year was at the beach, and we have a huge bag of shells to prove it!  This is a beautiful way to highlight them!

  9. Love this idea. I have been collecting seashells everday for the past month and needed an idea for Christmas. Thank you for sharing!

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