“I Spy” Ornament

Hello there! I’m Katy from Sweet Verbena. I’m a college student and a lover of all things crafty. I’m excited to share my handmade DIY ornament for kids with you today!
I went to Hobby Lobby somewhat aimlessly, not sure of what kind of ornament I would make. When I saw these styrofoam ball filled plastic ornaments, I knew immediately.
I’m working on my elementary education degree right now, so that I can go on to teach. I guess you could say my inner teacher came out on this project. What a perfect Christmas kid’s craft this would be.
If you can’t find these pre-filled ornaments like I found (at Hobby Lobby), you could surely buy the supplies separately.
I divided my christmas trinkets into 4 groups…
and dropped each group into a separate ornament.  Color coding the ornaments, and a list of the items made it easier to keep track of what was inside.
I transferred the list to the computer and printed it out on to card-stock.
Pretty simple huh?
Kids will love searching for little treasures in the “snow”. If it’s too difficult, try emptying out some of the styrofoam balls.
 Don’t forget to stop by my blog and say hi! Hope your holiday season is full of cheer and love.
  1. What a lovely idea! Great gift for the little ones! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved it!

  3. I found this idea on Pinterest! What an adorabel gift! 

  4. This is adorable Another great one…

  5. FANTASTIC idea! Love it! Jill

  6. OH MY GOSH!!
    I am so going to Hobby Lobby Today!! Thank yo

  7. So I went to Hobby Lobby after work today & no one knew what I was talking about. They said maybe they got the ornaments & now they are sold out?
    Can you tell me exactly what they're called & who makes them so I can try & hunt them down?
    Thank you so much

  8. Robin,
    The packaging was rather mysterious. They were just in a clear plastic box with no brand information, just a price tag. I just happened to find them on the bottom shelf of one of the christmas aisles. I would suggest getting the supplies separately. Try to find clear, plastic ornaments and then little styrofoam balls. If you can't find the styrofoam balls, maybe you could use white glitter, confetti, white beads, etc.? 
    Sorry I can't be of more help! Good Luck!

    • Hobby Lobby has the styrofoam balls in their "Make it Christmas" isles.  I had trouble finding the flat fillable ornaments.  Only found the round plastic ones.  But they will still work.

  9. This would be great to do with tiny reminders of the year – like if your child learned to read, took ice skating lessons, and went to Disneyland during the year, you could put a tiny book, a tiny ice skate, and a tiny Mickey Mouse in there. It would be so sweet! I love this idea!

  10. Katy,
    What a great idea!  My nephews loved "I Spy" books when they were learning to read.  They are 13 years old now, but I might make them each an ornament anyway.  You are going to be a great teacher with creative ideas like this.  Merry Christmas!

  11. My kids would LOVE to make this! How cute & clever – WOW! I am your newest ready, I'd love for you to follow me back, if you want to =-) I also wanted to invite you to link up at my TGIF Linky Party – http://livinglifeintentionally.blogspot.com/search/label/Linkey%20Parties
    Beth =-)

  12. This is fantastic!  Very clever…thanks for the idea!

  13. I love this idea.  What a great idea.  I am going to the shop tonight to find the supplies to make these as gifts for my friends children.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Perfect! I was just needing something like this.  We exchange (mail) ornaments, instead of gifts, among our extended family who live in different states.  Our cousin's kids will absoulutely LOVE this!  Thank you, thank you!

    • I really like the idea of the ornament exchange for family members who live far away.  These will be fun to start that tradition with.  Thanks for the idea.

  15. Love these!  Just got home with all the goodies to make them for all of my son's 1st grade class for Christmas!  So fun!  My two older daughters are so psyched about helping put them together.  Only difference is our orments are empty to start, so we'll have to add the snow ourselves.  (We're including a red pom-pom and adding "Rudolph's nose" to the list.)  Thanks for sharing this idea!

  16. Perfect craft for a boy's classroom gift exchange.  Thanks!

  17. I love these! I just discovered the gift we will be making tomorrow for teachers this year! Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. What a wonderful idea – so creative and fun! I am a retired teacher and I think this is a great idea for children – would certainly have used it in the classroom. You will make a great teacher – have a wonderful career! Teaching is the best way to spend your working days – it is a gift!

  19. This ornament is so great I am starting now before the ideas are all gone!!

  20. I HAD to ask at Hobby Lobby.  The clerk was clueless but very helpful.  They were in the "make it Christmas " isle.  EVERYTHING was 50% off on Monday.
    I hope mine are at laeast 1/2 as cute as yours!

  21. I got the supplies to make a dozen of these today and it didn't work at all!   The balls cling to absolutely everything, including the sides of the ball and anything I put into it so that you couldn't see anything.   So disappointed!!!!

  22. I had the same problem. How do you keep the balls from clinging to everything?

    • Debbie – It has to do with static and it really depends on the environment you are in. A dryer environment has more static. I will post to facebook to see if anyone has ideas for a remedy.

  23. love these….going to make some this summer for next year.

  24. Just wanted to let you know I featured this project in my roundup of glass ornament crafts here too. : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

  25. I used a coarse white glitter. It moves around nicely in the ornament and looks sparkly too.

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