Confessions of a Craft Snob

I sort of want to stop blogging. Perhaps a lack of sleep, lack of showers, and excessive amounts of diaper changes (2 kiddos in diapers… phew!) are influencing me. I just want to rest, but then there's the expectation to post a really sweet craft tutorial. On the other hand, I think I'd shrivel up and blow away if I stopped crafting and creating and sharing it with whoever is interested. So here's what to expect this month… really quick and really easy crafts. Because let's face it…

more sleep + more showers + more diaper changes = less craft time

Sooo enough raining on the parade. How 'bout that Ornament Parade anyway? What a great group of crafty gals. And have you seen these crochet tutorials, flower scarf and crochet hook organizer, by Living in Amethyst in Shop Craft Snob?

If I actually crocheted, I'd love an organizer for my crochet hooks. I'm not a very organized person, but I like to have things that make me feel more organized than I really am.

  1. I feel you on needing a break from all the deadlines you're setting for yourself.  Give yourself that well deserved break, and we'll be ready and waiting for each post you do get to :).

  2. I would certainly be sad if you stopped blogging BUT feel free to take a little break! We all understand the exhaustion mommyhood can bring. Looking forward to what is to come.

  3. We'd be sad if you left blog land completely but, you need to do what's best for you!  Although you may feel differently once the diaper changes get less and the sleep gets a little more ;)
    Take some time and enjoy the holidays with your newly expanded family Sara!

  4. I've got a few ornaments on the advent calendar activity list with my kids and at least one is from your ornament parade. Thank you for sharing it!
    That said, I remember the zombiesqueness of the early days with two in diapers and I can completely understand why you might need to take a sanity pause from blogging… you'd be missed, but sometimes a break is necessary.

  5. Paranà, 03/12/2011
    Yo estoy jubilada con artrosis en las rodillas, y este medio me permite comunicarme con el mundo. Ya pasè por esa esta etapa. Es hermosa. Disfrutàla, porque es la etapa màs linda, antes de que empiezen la escuela. Pero no dejes el blog, tòmate un descanso, pero personas como yo, necesitan de personas como tù, creativas, para seguir soñando. Un abrazo. Graciela de Argentina.-

  6. I bet you're exhausted! Even with older kids, when life gets busy I have to step back and take a break for a few days myself. As I recall, things get much easier with a newborn at about 3 months. I hope you get your crafting/blogging energy back soon. :)

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